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The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood – Stellar Cast and Steamy Performances

The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood


It goes without saying that Buddy Wood is the man when it comes to TS porn movies. He has a gift, and The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood is no exception. This movie is a creative mix of “reality TV”, parody, and obviously the best part: PORN!!! The movie is sexy, fun, raunchy, hardcore action with a story-line that is both funny and definitely cock hardening. It’s backed by an excellent cast of both new and popular t-girls; including Jessy Dubai, Foxxy, Gianna Rivera, Tori Mayes, Penny Tyler, and Diamond Dixon, with a mix of assertive men and girls and has all the cum bursting action that you’d expect from an excellent hardcore DVD. TS Housewives has it all from cheating couples, home-wreckers, and even a TS housewife fucking her t-girl maid. The theme lends itself to porn by having a cohesive narrative without too much story line that interrupts all the action, making it a DVD you can watch from start to finish, or to watch scene by scene without missing all that makes it great. To say that this movie is uniquely inspired would be putting it lightly, but as awesome as the setup is, the blowjobs, ass-eating, and deep fucking in the film are a thousand times better.

The first scene features lonely and cock hungry housewife Gianna Rivera with her cheating and in demand husband Giovanni. He gets back from a “business trip” and the way she deepthroats his cock and uses a blowjob to lube him up for the ultimate in titty fucking action shows why he comes back to her. Gianna and Giovanni have genuine on screen chemistry which leads to awesome ball slapping action that has her moaning just like you’d expect from a horny housewife. The scene ends with Giovanni blowing a huge thick load right into Gianna’s mouth before he bounces, giving new meaning to love’em and leave’em.

The second scene stars stuck up housewife Penny Tyler who takes advantage of naive but slutty maid Tori Mayes, showing exactly how to treat the help by keeping them on their knees. This scene has a fun, campy intro that really sets the tone of TS housewives, while still teasing by showing off the girls in skimpy outfits. The action really starts with an outdoor sequence with Tori gobbling Penny’s hung cock which leads to ass-eating, and Penny opening Tori’s ass with a dildo. Penny goes full dominant over the submissive Tori by taking her inside the house to pound her ass-pussy with her long thick cock. These two girls fuck in a variety of positions, from doggie to spoon and more, that have them both moaning like sluts and ends with a cum shot all over Tori’s face that’s so epic it gets a slo-mo replay.

The third scene in housewives reinforces the drama of reality TV by showcasing sexually unsatisfied housewife Jessy Dubai poolside drinking and talking shit about her husband Smith, while talking about her desire to feel Gianna’s husband, deep inside her ass. She’s wanted him so long that when Giovanni shows up in her room she’s quick and eager to suck him off. Giovanni goes for Jessy like you’d think any man with a mistress would, and watching Jessy fuck his mouth is only beaten by a hot 69 with two bj pros sucking huge cock at the same time. All of that is just build up to the fast paced, raunchy, hardcore fucking in variety of positions that shows off Jessy’s stunning body. It ends with two hot cumshots, one from Jessy all over her tight tummy and tits and another from Giovanni all over and dripping into Jessy’s round ass.

The fourth scene in TS Housewives adds to the scandalous nature of the characters by having Jessy’s husband Smith sneaking off to fuck his sexy, attractive, mistress Diamond Dixon. The scene quickly shows off Diamond’s round ass and full tits and we see that she is instantly hard, and Smith is eager to please her. Diamond returns the favor sucking dick just like a mistress should; hot, wet and like she can’t get enough and we see her going from deepthroating to doing a few fun jawbreakers. There’s a fun 69 before before Smith works his way to fucking Diamond’s tight ass, all the while the both of them talk trash about his wife. Not only does the scene have great fucking but also incredible angles showing off Diamond’s amazing tits and ass, while she uses that booty to milk the cum right out of Smith. It ends with a him busting a load all over Diamond’s tits which was a perfect finish to some fine fucking.

The fifth and final scene stars the flawless and endlessly sexy Foxxy as the divorced housewife who is definitely not shy about sneaking Giovanni back to her fuck bungalow. These two waste no time getting to the sex, and Foxxy has Giovanni’s cock in her mouth within seconds. She gives him an amazing dripping wet blowjob that looked like she enjoyed giving it as much as he did getting it. Foxxy is one sexy vixen as she bares her magnificent tits and gets her juicy round ass eaten with Giovanni burying his face and tongue right into it. Once he has her wet and ready the sex is mesmerizing, Foxxy looks like she savor every thrust from Giovanni and watching this naughty nympho’s hard cock bounce while he is inside her is a cum bursting sight, for both the viewer and for Giovanni. It’s a perfect ending to an enjoyable and fun DVD.

Overall, I have to say that this DVD is an excellent mix of porn, comedy, and just enough story that I can watch it scene by scene or all the way through, which in my opinion makes it a real gem. I loved the variety in action from scene to scene, with each one having its own feel, while still providing the kind of hardcore action I love to see in TS porn. Each of the scenes pairs the partners together to bring out the best that each has to offer, whether its watching deepthroating, ass-eating, tgirl on tgirl, toys, booty shaking anal, or facials, this DVD has it all. There was just the right amount of fun and laughable parody of housewives reality TV, drama included, and Buddy Wood puts in the right special effects, confessionals, and an awesome soundtrack that keeps this movie lively without taking away from the sex. While it’s hard to pick a runaway favorite scene from this DVD, it’s clear to see why Foxxy won a lifetime achievement award and Jessy Dubai received best hardcore performer at the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards, all led by a multiple award winning Director. And thats only half of the award winners on this DVD, no wonder it feels like an instant classic.

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Black Shemale Superstars Edition – Delicious Chocolate T-Girls


Black Shemale Superstars Edition is a must-see for any black t-girl admirer. The latest effort from Grooby Productions and Third World Media, this DVD features five hardcore scenes with five of the sexiest ebony t-girls we could find. In order of appearance: Kourtney Kisses, Yandie Lee, Amber Skye, Nodi Nadia, and Natassia Dreams.  All right, let’s get right down to business…

Kourtney Kisses is a great choice to kick off the DVD. She’s sexy and a fresh face in the industry. She’s wearing a see-through fishnet dress and waiting patiently for her boyfriend to come home. She asks him about his day, but clearly he has other things in mind than small talk.  He slips off her skin-tight dress and leads her into the bedroom, sits her on the bed, and then proceeds to suck her off.  After a slurp worthy 69-session, he spreads her thighs and fucks her from behind.  He takes his time with Kourtney, savoring each thrust and grabbing her ass as he fucks her. When he’s ready to cum, he pulls out and they both jerk off in front of each other. She cums first on herself and then he blows his load all over her tits.

Yandie Lee’s boyfriend is unhappy with her father, but Yandie is determined to make things right. She tells Lucky that she has a great gift for him and calls him into the bedroom.  She’s lying in bed wearing red lingerie and she wants to show him the day is not ruined.  She straddles him in bed and blindfolds him, teasing him with her magnificent ass. He then pulls down her lacy red panties to suck her off!  He then bends her over on his sex cushion and plows into her from behind.  Overall, this is a really steamy hardcore scene.  She was definitely able to turn Lucky’s frown upside down (and hard)!

Amber Skye is having a really great date and what’s the best way to end a date? Well, with hot sex of course! After dinner, they go back to Amber’s place to get down to business.  She gobbles down Lucky’s cock and he helps guide her mouth up and down.  My favorite part of this scene is when Lucky first slides his cock inside of Amber Skye. Her she-hole is so tight she needs to guide his cock inside of her. He’s tentative fucking her at first, careful not to go too fast, but soon they get into a rhythm and she moans loudly in pleasure as he thrusts.

Nodi Nadia is relaxing poolside with Christian. She’s thinking about sunbathing, but Christian thinks that eating her out sounds like a much better plan. He shoves his face between her ass cheeks and tongues her she-pussy. He slides off her swimsuit and she knows that he means business. He greedily slurps up her cock and she thrusts into his mouth.  She wants to suck him off now, though, and grabs his dick and pushes it in her mouth. She tries to deep throat his thick dick, lubing it up with her saliva.  He bends her over and fucks her from behind, using her ass to balance himself as he thrusts.  He fucks her good and she gets a little bit of sun on her back too! A win-win situation for all.

The final scene is a steamy hardcore with Natassia Dreams (who looks like quite a dream in this scene!). This scene doesn’t waste any time, with Natassia front and center sucking Wolf’s cock for the camera.  She and Wolf 69 each other, with Natassia on top, and she bounces her cock in Wolf’s mouth as he slaps her round ass. There’s actually a lot of ass slapping in this scene and I can’t blame Wolf—I mean, have you seen Natassia Dreams perfect ass?  Even though Wolf fucks Natassia doggie style from behind, she definitely also controls the action too, pushing her ass into Wolf’s hard cock.  If you are a fan of hot interracial action, Natassia and Wolf are two performers who look great together on camera.

Overall, I thought this was a great DVD for any black t-girl admirer. With a mix of directors used, viewers are able to enjoy a variety of different and yet cohesive cinematic styles.  Grooby has handpicked some of the best models right now, well known and rising stars that will definitely make you hot.



Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet – Is it Too Hot to Handle?

Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet is a delectable treat for the senses!  Starring Adriana Lynn Rush, Sofia Ferreira, Natalie Foxx, Gaby, and Valerie Alamond, Blackula has handpicked some of the hottest performers in the industry for five steamy hardcore scenes.  Blackula’s cinematic style is unmistakable—everything is shot with equal beauty and sensuality. He really gets in there, in the middle of the action and you always feel like more than a fly on the wall in his scenes, you feel like a participant.

Let’s get started with my scene by scene review:

Adriana Lynn Rush is the current Tranny Award winner for Bob’s Tgirls Model of the Year and a fantastic model to kick off this DVD. This scene already starts with a lot of heat, with Christian pushing Adriana against the wall as they make out. He is hungry for her and pulls out her cock from her panties and sucking on her uncut cock.

While still standing, Adriana turns around and offers her perfectly round bubble butt to Christian. He bends down and tongues her, preparing her she-pussy to be demolished. He takes her to the bed and she rides him hard while letting her own cock brush up against Christian’s body.

Gaby is just perusing a magazine in bed when her boyfriend Smith comes home. He asks her about her day, but you can tell he has something else on his mind. He makes it quite known that he doesn’t want to talk, he wants to use his mouth for something else as he kisses her.

They 69 each other, while Gaby throats Smith’s cock in her mouth.  She then bends over and he slowly inserts a glass dildo in her she-pussy as he simultaneously strokes her cock.  He lays her on her side and fucks her behind, while you get a perfect view of Gaby tugging on her own cock. Smith decides to help her out and strokes her off while he thrusts into her until their milky climax.

Natalie Foxx is looking quite wild in her animal print bra and panties. She’s taking a nap and you can immediately tell that Christian is getting antsy waiting for her to wake up. He seems a bit annoyed to be waiting for so long, but he quickly changes his tune when she comes over and sits in his lap.

She takes off her bra and sucks him off, so he returns the favor and slips off her panties and starts tonguing her wet she-pussy. She rides Christian’s dick hard as he plays with her nipples. He takes his time fucking her and it’s done very sensually. He wants to make sure she can feel his cock going deep inside of her.

Sofia Ferreira has got Wolf craving some she-pussy. She teases him as she straddles him and he takes the opportunity to slip down her lingerie and suck on her sweet nipples. Wolf really pounds Sofia’s sweet she-pussy as she moans in pleasure with every thrust. Her hard cock is swinging around wildly too and it’s mesmerizing.

The highlight of this scene is the close-up Blackula does as Sofia jerks herself off to cum. Wolf is slowly thrusting into her. These close-ups are one of Blackula’s cinematic trademarks and it works well here because you feel like you are lying with her, anticipating her orgasm.

The bookend of this DVD is fantastic scene with Valerie Alamond and Wolf. Valerie asks Wolf to come to bed, but he tells her to wait a minute because he’s reading. She’s not having any of it and she asks why he’d prefer reading his book over fucking her. She’s very convincing, obviously, because he puts down his book and takes her to the bed for some playtime.

Wolf pays great attention to Valerie’s smokin’ hot body, eagerly sucking on her cock as he fondles her breasts. This is a perfect climax and ending to the DVD, Valerie has great stamina as she gets fucked by Wolf.

Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet is a great DVD for those looking for a steamy introduction some great new talent. All five scenes are stellar and I guarantee you’ll feel stuffed after watching it!


TS Playground 2 is a Worthy Follow-up for TS Lovers!

Here is the follow-up to Jay Sin’s hugely popular title TS Playground! TS Playground 2 is graced with a stellar cast: Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Michely Cinturinha, Sabrina Suzuki, Danni Daniels, and Ariadiny Oliver.

With his sphincter-stretching hetero porn, director Jay Sin is an infamous pioneer of nasty-yet-playful anal extremes. The king of the colon explores the acrobatic buttholes of the hidden, exotic she-male world in “TS Playground 2,” a concentrated dose of transsexual eroticism enlivened by the director’s trademark costume play and overall attitude of fun! Submissive, puppy-dog boy-toy Dustin Revees gets his face fucked and his asshole invaded by sultry, tattooed she-creatures Mandy Mitchell and Morgan Bailey.

The two kinky trannies double-team the skinny lad and make him taste their she-cocks ass-to-mouth. They leave his once-tight bunghole gaping. Next, busty, cross-gendered Brazilian babe Sabrina Suzuki catches young David Snider sniffing her soiled underwear. She shoves her monster lady-dick in his mouth, then reams his bottom with her giant hard-on. The two switch places; there’s nonstop anal sodomy until Sabrina cums on his ball sack as punishment. Athletic punk Danni Daniels sacks Gabriel Dalessandro in a one-on-one game of touch football that’s definitely full-contact. Danni ruthlessly penetrates her opponent’s tight end and sprays his ass with she-jism. Lastly, tanned Latina she-males Michely Cinturinha and Ariadiny Oliver suck each other’s stiffy, then bring in eager stud Alex Victor for a gender-twisting three-way. Everyone’s rectum gets stuffed balls-deep! The movie is subtitled, “The Boys Get It,” and fans of feminine, functional chicks with dicks understand.


Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales – A Steamy Treat for the Senses!

Grooby Productions and Third World Media’s latest joint release, Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales, has a stunning variety of hardcore scenes starring Ryder Monroe, Khloe Hart, Teighjiana, Kelly Clare, and Jenna Rachels, with the Wolf Hudson.  Director Blackula has a distinct cinematic style that all will enjoy. Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemale is beautifully shot, all while retaining an intimate sensuality in all of the scenes.

First up is rising TS starlet, Ryder Monroe, wasting no time rubbing her sexy body against horny Wolf Hudson. He slides off her clothing, then positions her cock in his mouth and slowly sucks her off. She returns the favor by slurping down his cock, and then he bends her over and slides himself inside of her.  Wolf is gentle when fucking Ryder, but still plows into she-pussy as deep as he can go. The cumshot of this scene is hot, as you watch Wolf jerks himself over Ryder’s naked body, brushing up against her own cock.

Khloe Hart is ready to relax with a bubble bath. She opens the curtain to reveal Wolf enjoying her suds instead. She pouts. “You stole my ducky.” He insists that it’s his rubber ducky, but lifts up his cock and tells her, “This is your ducky.” She joins him in the tub, sucking off his soap “rubber ducky”, and then lets him fuck her from behind. I bet the soap made a great lube for sliding in and out of Khloe’s tight she-pussy!

Some say the best sex happens first thing in the morning when there is, of course, some morning wood involved. Teighjiana and Wolf are awoken in bed by the sound his alarm going off. He drowsily gets dressed for work, but Teighjiana has other plans in mind for him today. The great thing about this scene is how Blackula is all about the close-ups. It makes the scene feel intimate, as if you were sitting in the room as Wolf and Teighjiana fucked.

TS rising star Kelly Clare pulls down Wolf’s pants quickly, exposing his massive hard-on to her. As she sucks him off, her own cock begins to rise with desire. He lays her on her back and then wraps his lips around her cock and sucks her off. When he fucks her, she positions her legs on his shoulders so he can thrust as deep as he can.

The finale of this beautifully filmed DVD is with hungry Wolf and the sexy Jenna Rachels.  You can tell Wolf is undressing Jenna with his eyes before anything even happens. He tears off his clothes quickly so that she can suck his cock. Wolf bends her over on the couch and fucks her from behind, while kissing her all over.  They switch positions so Wolf can fuck Jenna Rachels as deep as possible and with Blackula’s distinct style, you’ll be right in the middle of the action.

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Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious

Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious is the worthy follow-up to Amy’s first DVD, originally released in 2010. This title, like its popular predecessor, is directed by Tranny Award winning director, Buddy Wood. Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious has a great cast, with Amy Daly, along with Brittany St. Jordan, Lexi Wade, Tiffany Starr, and Christian.

The first scene of this DVD is a steamy hardcore featuring Amy and Christian. Amy has the right idea going on. If you’re going to explore your sexuality with a guy, Coach Christian is a good choice. The two enjoy a rigorous practice session of soccer and he smartly suggests that they go back to his place for the cool-down.  He gives her a back massage to help her loosen up, but Amy soon realizes there is a bulge in her shorts that she can no longer ignore.  After sucking his erect cock, she positions herself on the couch for him to fuck her deep and hard. He cums all over her eager mouth, dripping jizz down her face.

In the next scene, Amy Daly is on business in Tijuana in a shitty little hotel room.  She’s waiting for her next meeting and decides to relax a bit with a tranny magazine she finds in the room. A t-girl in the magazine catches her eye, so she calls her and asks the mysterious Lexi Wade to come over.  Lexi is sensual and takes her time undressing Amy on the bed.  She runs her tongue over Amy’s erect nipples, making the hard-on in her panties only grow in size.

T-girl cutie Tiffany Starr traveled all the way from Boston to visit Amy! That Boston accent makes Amy putty in Tiffany’s hands.  She invites Tiffany over for some one-on-one play time, wasting no time undressing each other.  Amy tempts Tiffany with that sweet ass of hers and Tiffany fucks her silly.

The fourth scene is a solo with Amy all dressed up for New Year’s Eve!  Wearing a top hat and a corset, Amy is most definitely the t-girl you want to celebrate every day with! She’s posing seductive, legs spread while sitting on the kitchen counter. You’ll have a front row seat to watching her jerk herself off, her cock just seems to get thicker and thicker with each tug!

The final scene is an intense Dexter-esque hardcore scene with Amy and Brittany St. Jordan.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I will reveal this: Amy has carefully crafted her own personal “fuck-table”.  Amy has many toys lined up to use on Brittany’s tight she-pussy, she just can’t decide which one to use first!

Come On and Ride on a Fantastic Voyage – Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok


Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok follows the adventures of Christian as he travels through Bangkok in search of the horniest ladyboys. Directed by Frank from Frank’s TGirl World, this DVD definitely encapsulates Frank’s distinct style, and features five handpicked scenes with ladyboys Benz, June, Nat, Benz (don’t worry, a different one), and Aor.

Ladyboy Benz proves that she is a luxury ride, just by the curves of her ass! He grabs her hair as he fucks her behind, making sure he thrusts as deep as he can into her tight she-pussy. The best part of this scene is watching Benz riding Christian’s cock, gyrating herself as she straddles him.

Next up is ladyboy June. She knows how to make an entrance! Christian greets her at his hotel and she immediately reaches for his hard-on! She crouches down to suck on Christian’s hungry cock, getting him ready to fuck her hard. He guides her into the living room and they lie together on the couch as he fucks her from behind. She cums all over herself while he’s still inside of her.

One of Christian’s favorite places to fool around is in the shower. He slips off his towel so ladyboy Nat can see the massive hard-on he’s sporting. He tugs on her soft cock and watches how it quickly rises to attention. They move over to the bed, Christian lifts Nat’s thigh as he takes his time fucking her.

Ladyboy Benz might have the same name as the performer in the first scene of this DVD, but rest assured this Benz is a completely different ride! This ladyboy is shy and welcomes the firmness of Christian’s touch as he caresses her. He’s gentle at first when he thrusts inside of her, but soon he realizes that she’s also pushing her she-pussy against his cock, hoping that he’ll fuck her deeper and deeper.

Finally we have Ladyboy Aor, who also graces the cover of this DVD. She’s so slender that I’m almost afraid of how Christian will pummel into her tiny she-pussy. As the scene begins, I’m wondering if she’ll be able to handle his cock. She proves her skills, however, by mastering a steamy 69’ing with Christian as he flips her upside down to suck him off.

If you like seeing sexy ladyboys getting fucked by a horny American like Christian, Shemale.XXX Goes to Bankgkok definitely delivers the goods.

TS Playground Proves to Be Tons of Hot and Horny Fun!


I should probably preface this review by saying that Evil Angel’s newest title, TS Playground, runs about 4 hours and 25 minutes, but this is not one of those crappy 4-hour compilations that you get in the bargain bin at the porno shop. This is 4 hours and 25 minutes featuring a fantastic cast of established performers and horny new comers, with a pool party orgy ending that is organic and above all, damn hot.  TS Playground features Danni Daniels, Eva Lin, Kimber James, Mandy Mitchell, Cherry Torn, Tameka, Adrianna Nicole, Ts Foxxy, Morgan Bailey, and Kitty Kaiti.

All right, let’s not waste any time! I have a lot of scenes to go over with you guys.

Recent Tranny Award winner Eva Lin kicks off the DVD dressed as the French maid you always fantasized about.  She walks around, presenting her erect cock on a silver platter for your enjoyment.  Master Danni Daniels returns home soon after and is greeted by Eva Lin standing at attention. When Danni Daniels confronts Eva Lin about what she was doing when she was gone, Eva Lin timidly admits she was pleasuring herself. This upset her master and Danni Daniels is quick to punish her for her misbehavior. She orders Eva Lin to show her her “toys”, to which Eva Lin turns around and presents her she-pussy to her.  What unfolds is a fantastic sex scene for fans of role playing or bossy domes and timid subs.

Next up we have a smokin’ hot threesome with Mandy Mitchell, TS Kitty Kaiti, and GG Cherry.  This is Kitty Kaiti’s first time with a woman, so Mandy wants to make sure she has a good experience.  Cherry lets Kitty have a taste of her sweet cherry pie and Mandy guides her tongue to her pussy lips. Mandy is a patient mentor, stroking Kitty’s cock as she pleasures Cherry. The three of them take turns pleasuring each other, stripping off their hot pink outfits so Cherry can tongue their throbbing she-pussies. Cherry rides Kitty’s cock as deep as she can and with a help from Mandy, this turns out to be a steamy first-time for Kitty!

Is it just me or does shemale pornstar Kimber James’ boobs get bigger every time I see her? Not that I’m complaining, really. The pouty blonde wastes no time straddling eager Christian. He is more than happy to be fucking her again. My favorite part of this scene is when Kimber is sitting on Christian and she strokes both of their cocks together in unison.  Kimber looks sexy as always and it’s always great seeing her riding a guy’s cock so deep that you think she might break him in two!

Ebony t-girl Tameka is already waiting for you when her scene begins. She’s naked and already stroking her big cock, teasing us for more.  She’s strutting around naked, showing off that perfectly round ass of hers and shyly biting her lip. If you love hot black t-girls with HUGE cocks, Tameka will steal your heart or at least your wet dreams.

Mandy Mitchell returns for the first scene on Disc 2. Sitting in a matching black sequined bikini top and skirt, she admits she doesn’t have anything creative to offer…but she does have sexy GG Adrianna Nicole coming over.  Hell, that’s enough creative hotness for me!  Adrianna Nicole is so incredibly hot and although she’s wearing black rimmed glasses, I don’t believe for one second that she’s as innocent as her glasses imply.  Mandy licks her shaved pussy through her fishnet panties and to return the favor, Adrianna  pulls out a clear glass anal plug and pushes it slowly into Mandy’s tight she-pussy.  The highlight of this scene is most definitely when Adrianna and Mandy 69 each other. It’s sensual and steamy, as Mandy sucks Adrianna’s perfect toes.  When Mandy finally climbs on top of Adrianna to fuck her, it’s actually quite tender. She thrusts into Adrianna’s eager pussy with that glass anal plug in her own she-pussy and it’s amazing.

The last scene definitely caters to voyeurists and public sex fans alike. Some of your favorite T-girls are relaxing together poolside, but as you can imagine this party ends up becoming pretty x-rated! The girls are jerking off in the pool and the underwater camera catches each stroke.  There is so much going on in this scene that I don’t even know where to begin! Underwater cumshots, someone swimming to catch a bit of cum in their mouth, and lots of other hot things I’m still trying to process.

Overall, I think Jay Sin’s TS Playground is probably one of the best titles I’ve seen so far this year.  The scenes are incredibly well-done, the performers are all having a great time, and I think it shows. Highly recommended.

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Shemale.XXX the DVD – Packs an X-X-X Punch!

Shemale.XXX the DVD lives up to its X-X-X name! This is the kind of DVD that you’ll be talking about for months after! Starring (in order of appearance), Ana Venus, Brittany St. Jordan, Astrid Shay, Candi McBride, Jessica, and Jamie Page.   This title features six hardcore scenes of All-American content! Let’s do a quick scene by scene breakdown, so you can get a taste of what’s in store for you! You can buy your copy at Shemale Video Direct!

Ana Venus brings her guy back to the VIP room and offers him some champagne.  She tells him it’s $300 for the bottle. “That’s kind of expensive,” he says. “Maybe you can make it worth my while?” You can tell what he has on his mind and she shows him that she’s worth more than that $300 bottle of champagne and then some!

They both take off their clothes and she sucks him off eagerly, as he fingers her tight ass.  When he’s ready to fuck, he slaps his rock-hard dick on her naked body and then inserts himself inside her.  He fucks her intensely on the couch and then spills his jizz all over her tits and stomach.

Brittany St. Jordan is all covered up, but her guy is curious to see how many tattoos she has! She slips off her robe so he can get a good look at her, and then guides his head to suck on her hard nipples.  You can tell she’s a t-girl that likes to be in control as she pushes him to suck her off!  But don’t worry, Brittany is a giver too and gives her guy a blowjob of a lifetime!

When she can’t take it anymore, she straddles herself on top of her guy and begins riding. She keeps hard-on the whole time and it’s mesmerizing watching it spin in circles as she gyrates harder on his cock.  Soon they switch positions and lie down together, he fucks her from behind while holding her leg up, allowing him to fuck her deeper and deeper.

Astrid Shay is what we call a t-cougar.  Like a fine wine, she gets better looking with age. When the repair man comes over to fix her sink, you can tell in his eyes that he wants something more from her. As he’s checking the pipes, he’s eyeing Astrid’s cleavage. I can’t say that I blame him; she’s popping out of her shirt.

Finally, he gives up on fixing her sink and decides to focus on her pipes instead. They take their two-person party to the bedroom and Astrid rides him hard!  I love watching her—she’s so mesmerizing and sexy.  You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the television screen.

Candi McBride has a wholesome quality about her– maybe it’s the pigtails–I don’t know. Either way, though, she’s definitely not as innocent as you think she’d be! As soon her scene starts, she’s already reaching for her guy’s dick!  She tries to take it all in her mouth, but it’s just too big!

In preparation of their fucking, he gently fucks her with a dildo to get warmed up. When she’s ready to ride him, she goes slowly, but bounces as deep as she can on him.  They switch positions and he decides to take control of the situation, lying her down on her back and fucking her. He’s careful not to go too fast; this is definitely a scene about anticipation and desire.

Let me just say this upfront—Jessica is wild! She sucks her guy off with an enthusiasm that will make you blow your load before you know it. Her guy thrusts in her mouth, going as deep as he can, and she gladly sucks him off.

In bed, Jessica rides him hard! She’s able to hold her position above him as he fucks her.  Her she-pussy is tight, so he has to thrust slowly at first and work up to a steady rhythm.  It’s hot watching Jessica bite her lip as she’s getting fucked. She holds her legs and contorts her body in a weird position, allowing her guy to fuck her deeper than before! This is definitely a steamy scene.

Jamie Page finishes our Shemale.XXX DVD and proves why she should be the last one you see on this title!  Her scene on Shemale.XXX is unforgettably sexy.  While she and her man discuss their favorite colors and anatomy, she lifts up her dress to reveal her blue panties. His favorite color! What a coincidence!

She slaps her cock in his mouth and he happily sucks her off, already sporting a hard-on before they even jump into bed together. Now it’s her turn to show off her dick sucking skills.  He then spreads her legs and starts fucking her, pulling her body close to him as he thrusts.  The finale of this scene is pretty jizztastic! Jamie uses two hands to jerk off her guy, spitting on his dick for some extra lubrication!

The Shemale.XXX DVD certainly lives up to the XXX it hopes to embody!



Shemale Pornstar Eva Lin – A T-Girl Star is Born

This year has been all about Eva Lin.  She debuted on Shemale Yum in July of this year and since then guys have been chanting, “more, more, more!” Not only is Eva Lin beautiful, but we quickly realized that is she is a freak in bed! Her “anything goes” kind of attitude towards sex will surely catapult her into stardom. Shemale Pornstar Eva Lin is Grooby Productions and Third World Media’s latest effort, giving Eva Lin plenty of opportunity to shine!

Check out my scene by scene breakdown:

First up! Eva Lin is dressed up like a slutty little schoolgirl, peeking through the blinds at Christian walking by outside. “I need to get spanked,” she confesses with a sly smile. She lets Christian in and he immediately gropes her as he walks through the door. He can’t keep his hands off her and I can’t say that I blame him.

She takes off blouse and skirt, letting him slurp down on her massive hard-on. She bends over for him and he slides his cock into her tight she-pussy. He holds her hands together while thrusting into her, using it to fuck her as deep as possible. This is a fantastic, intense scene. The perfect opening scene to demonstrate Eva Lin’s talents as a star!

The next scene is a great solo with just you and Eva Lin in the bedroom. It’s just the two of you and she makes you feel like it with her intense eye contact. As she strokes herself off, you’ll feel like the two of you are having a steamy masturbation session together.

If you ever thought Eva Lin only looks good doing sexy things, I’m here to correct you. She also looks sexy doing mundane things…like washing dishes.  Of course, unlike most girls, she washes her dishes in lingerie and some netting stockings. Patrick joins her in the kitchen and can’t help himself. H

They decide to continue their groping session in the bedroom. When she pulls down Patrick’s pants to reveal his hard-on, you can quietly hear Eva Lin’s sigh with pleasure. She starts sucking his cock, taking her time before getting the entire length of his big dick in her mouth. They switch positions and before she can even take off her clothes, he already has her dick in his mouth. She slaps it against his tongue, thrusting into his mouth. I won’t give away too much here, but let me just say that Rico XXX is just as kinky as Eva Lin when it comes to sex.

It’s time to unwind with another solo scene, this time with Eva Lin wearing hot pink. Before she even starts touching herself, you can see how wet her she-hole is when she pulls her panties down for you to see. This is a dildo fantastic scene! Glass dildo, arm-width dildo, yeah…Eva Lin is rough with herself, but she likes how it feels.

The last scene is the kind of hardcore scene that will have you dreaming about it long after the DVD finishes. Eva Lin is sunbathing outside in her front yard. As you know, it doesn’t take her very long to get someone’s attention. Rico XXX sees her from across the sidewalk and she invites him inside for some XXX rated fun! This scene is as sensual as it is raunchy. They 69 each other in the living room, with Eva Lin moaning loudly in pleasure. He also eats her out and you can hear him slurping her up in his mouth. He fucks her in all kinds of positions and even lets her ride his dick.

Overall, I really enjoyed Shemale Pornstar Eva Lin. For a performer that hasn’t been in the industry all that long, she has definitely established herself as the one to watch in the future.