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Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious

Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious is the worthy follow-up to Amy’s first DVD, originally released in 2010. This title, like its popular predecessor, is directed by Tranny Award winning director, Buddy Wood. Amy Daly the Translesbian 2: Bi-Curious has a great cast, with Amy Daly, along with Brittany St. Jordan, Lexi Wade, Tiffany Starr, and Christian.

The first scene of this DVD is a steamy hardcore featuring Amy and Christian. Amy has the right idea going on. If you’re going to explore your sexuality with a guy, Coach Christian is a good choice. The two enjoy a rigorous practice session of soccer and he smartly suggests that they go back to his place for the cool-down.  He gives her a back massage to help her loosen up, but Amy soon realizes there is a bulge in her shorts that she can no longer ignore.  After sucking his erect cock, she positions herself on the couch for him to fuck her deep and hard. He cums all over her eager mouth, dripping jizz down her face.

In the next scene, Amy Daly is on business in Tijuana in a shitty little hotel room.  She’s waiting for her next meeting and decides to relax a bit with a tranny magazine she finds in the room. A t-girl in the magazine catches her eye, so she calls her and asks the mysterious Lexi Wade to come over.  Lexi is sensual and takes her time undressing Amy on the bed.  She runs her tongue over Amy’s erect nipples, making the hard-on in her panties only grow in size.

T-girl cutie Tiffany Starr traveled all the way from Boston to visit Amy! That Boston accent makes Amy putty in Tiffany’s hands.  She invites Tiffany over for some one-on-one play time, wasting no time undressing each other.  Amy tempts Tiffany with that sweet ass of hers and Tiffany fucks her silly.

The fourth scene is a solo with Amy all dressed up for New Year’s Eve!  Wearing a top hat and a corset, Amy is most definitely the t-girl you want to celebrate every day with! She’s posing seductive, legs spread while sitting on the kitchen counter. You’ll have a front row seat to watching her jerk herself off, her cock just seems to get thicker and thicker with each tug!

The final scene is an intense Dexter-esque hardcore scene with Amy and Brittany St. Jordan.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I will reveal this: Amy has carefully crafted her own personal “fuck-table”.  Amy has many toys lined up to use on Brittany’s tight she-pussy, she just can’t decide which one to use first!

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