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Amy Daly the Translesbian – Hot T-Girl on TGirl Action!

Just in time for the holidays, we have our latest release: Buddy Wood’s Amy Daly the Translesbian. If you like steamy t-girl on t-girl action, Amy Daly’s adventures will be your orgasmic wetdream! Starring Amy Daly, Kimberly Kills,  Bee Armitage, Hazel Tucker, Mandy Mitchell, and Juliette Stray. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffet of tranny-on-tranny action. Amy Daly is the perfect combination of geek, t-girl next door, and pornstar. It might seem like an odd combination to you, but it really works for Amy.

Here is my scene-by-scene breakdown:

With a name like Kimberly Kills, you can only imagine the kind of trouble Amy is about to get herself into. They met at the Tranny Awards in Los Angeles where Amy slipped Kimberly her phone number. She didn’t know what to expect, but hottie Kimberly Kills called back right away. By the time she arrives at Amy’s place, the hint of sex is already in the air. Both of them know it and there is undeniable lust in their eyes.

“What did you call me here for?” Kimberly asks.

“Hoping to get to know you a little better,” Amy answers with a smirk, as they fall on the bed together while making out. The girls pull down their tops, carressing each other’s soft tits while tonguing. Kimberly takes her time getting to know Amy’s thick cock. She slurps down on it and then kisses the tip. Their hard-ons are unmistakable, but they’re focused on going slow. Kimberly bends Amy over, spreading her ass and then thrusting into her. They switch positions and Amy goes on her back, while Kimberly fucks her deep and hard. The whole bed is shaking at this point, as both t-girls are moaning loudly.

“Break your fuckin’ headboard,” Kimberly says under her breath. After, they lie side by side and jerk off together, stroking their dicks in perfect unison. Amy reachs over to help Kimberly out and oh-so helpful Buddy Wood reaches in to help too, shoving four fingers inside Kimberly Kills tight she-pusy, all while Amy is still fingering her.  For an opening scene, this is epic beginning.

In the next scene, Amy is casually dressed in her kitchen, ready to pour herself a drink. “I think I had one too many,” she says, now topless. She’s happy to have our company, finishing her wine before slipping off her jeans and cotton panties. She strips down naked, touching herself while she takes another sip. Her cock starts growing as she fondles herself, tugging on it while rubbing her nice hormone tits.

My favorite part is when she jumps up on the counter and straddles her legs, you get the perfect view of that wet she-pussy of hers, practically begging us to be fucked. She’s jerking off quicker now, pulling on her dick and moaning so loudly that I’m sure it fills the entire room. She cums all over herself, panting loudly, her hands wet with jizz.

The next scene is every t-girl lover’s wet dream. Hazel Tucker, in pigtails, holding hands with Amy as they return from a perfect date together. They end up in the bedroom, Hazel jumping into bed and asking if Amy can help her taking off her boots. Amy obliges and then Hazel helps her take off her top. Hazel loves licking Amy’s nipples and you can see them getting hard right before your eyes. Amy leans over and flicks her tongue on Hazel’s nipples, while Hazel pulls on her tits to offer it to Amy. Hazel can’t hide her hard-on, you can see it popping out of her black panties. Amy notices this and then starts sucks her off. They 69 each other in bed, while Hazel pushes Amy’s body closer with each thrust. The best part of this scene, by far, is when Hazel pushes Amy down and starts fucking her! Not dainty fucking, I mean hardcore horny as hell fucking. The kind that ends up breaking the bed. Finally, Hazel positions herself over Amy and jerks off into her mouth. She then leans over and proceeds to suck Amy off, alternating between her tongue and squeezing her dick with her hand.

Dressed up as a school girl, Amy confesses how much she hates school. She decides to cut class so she can go home and masturbate! She rushes home and already has a hard-on as soon as she sits down! She lifts up her skirt and moves her underwear over so she can touch herself properly. This is a pretty straight forward solo masturbation scene, but bonus points for Amy’s HOT school girl outfit. I know that the sexy school girl has always been one of my favorite fantasies, so I love seeing Amy skipping around with her short pleated skirt and lunchbox.

For the next scene, it’s girls night in with Bee Armitage, Hazel Tucker, and Amy Daly playing cards together. They must all have sex on the brain because they keep blurting out sexual jokes. Bee decides to raise the stakes. “Whoever wins this game, will get 30 minutes in the bedroom with me,” she offers. Hazel and Amy’s eyes both light up.

Hazel wins and Bee takes her into the bedroom, while Amy has to wait out in the living room. While she waits, Amy decides to have a little fun of her own. Little does she know that Bee is actually watching her from behind, stroking that big stinger of hers. She slides in to sit next to Amy and they kiss while jerking each other off. Bee is only wearing her bra (no panties!) and Amy’s skirt is so short that you can see her hard-on when she stands up. They stroke and grope each other on the couch, until Bee shoots her delicious tranny milk all over Amy’s naked chest.

Mandy Mitchell is smoking a cigarette on the balcony and Amy is mesmerized by her beauty. She waves sheepishly, but Mandy Mitchell just looks at her and walks away. The mysterious stranger ends up at Amy’s door. “Hey. I saw you looking at me on the balcony,” Mandy cooes. Amy lets her in, her eyes following Mandy’s every move. They kiss in Amy’s living room and Mandy unzips Amy’s top and starts sucking on her tits. Mandy undresses her slowly, leaving Amy’s sheer panties on for last. Mandy is rock hard, her dick pointing nearly straight up, and she shoves her dick in Amy’s mouth.

Nobody has invited her, but fiery redhead Juliette Stray lets hers in to Amy’s apartment ready for action. I hear Mandy introduce Juliette as a whore, but I’m far too excited to see all three t-girls together to pay much attention to dialogue at this point. Mandy excuses herself so Juliette and Amy can talk. Amy looks a bit scared to be left alone with another stranger, but she quickly warms up to Juliette’s advances. Juliette is not shy at all and has no problem groping Amy and licking her nipples. But then, here’s the best part…Mandy comes back and it turns into a HOT t-girl threesome! They really put Juliette to good use, letting her suck Amy’s dick while Mandy fucks her from behind. But Mandy is there to fuck Amy, so she lies her down on the couch and plows in to her, while Juliette sucks on Amy’s toes and jerks herself off. The scenes ends in a tender way, with Amy, Mandy, and Juliette lying on top of each other, happy and exhausted.

Overall, if you’re looking for a title with a great cast and some droolworthy tranlesbian hardcore scenes, Amy Daly the Translesbian will be a great addition to your collection.

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