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The purpose of this blog is primarily to review the newest and hottest shemale porn DVDs released. Since many of the Devil’s Film titles have been among those reviewed (many from the Transsexual Prostitutes and Transsexual Babysitters series), I thought you guys might be interested in a kick ass holiday promotion running now.

Just for the holidays, you can get 1 month of the Tranny Pros site for only $17.99, followed by $29.95 each month after that. In case you didn’t know, Tranny Pros is THE official site for Devil’s Film most popular series, Transsexual Prostitutes! Why buy the latest Transsexual Prostitutes DVD, when you can get membership to their website for significantly cheaper AND get way more content? Membership to Tranny Pros also gives you membership to the Devil’s Film site where you can watch Transsexual Prostitutes, Transsexual Babysitters, Transsexual Gang Bangers, and a whole lot more. You’ll even get access to their non-tranny titles, in case you’re in need of a bit of variety after whacking yourself off to hours of shemale porn.

I don’t think the guys at Tranny Pros knows just what a steal this is for members. I mean, seriously, you have access to their most popular titles (and then some) for cheaper than the cost of ONE of their DVDs! I would take advantage of this offer while you can!

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