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Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip – Raunchiest Roadtrip EVER.

The latest addition to the Shemale Pornstar line-up is a sizzling adventure from Jack Flash. Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip showcases some of Florida’s finest talent. Starring Brittany Coxxx, Kitty Vuitton, Nicole, Onjulic, Ana Venus, and Nomi X. Check out my scene by scene review below to see what kind of fun is in store for you.

Ana Venus wants to show off what she’s wearing to her guy. He’s more interested in seeing what’s under her see-through tank top, so she obliges and takes off her clothes.  The sex between them is HOT, she rides his cock hard and then she switches position to face him, gyrating on him as deep as she can.  My favorite part is when he fucks her from behind and she holds her uncut cock in her hand, jerking herself off as he thrusts into her.

Covergirl Brittany Coxxx is up next, looking as glamorous as ever.  She is practically bursting out of her top, which her guy sees an opportunity to tug down her blouse.  She’s horny for his dick, taking her time to suck him off.  He loves it so much that his dick begins to curve upwards to meet her lips. They take it slow when they start fucking. You can tell her she-pussy is tight and he has to really push to get his dick inside.

Before the raunchy stuff even begins, I can tell that busty t-girl Nicole is going to be crazy in bed.  She really knows how to tease the guy, dangling those big breasts of hers in his face.  I love watching them fuck, her cock swings around wildly as she rides him. It’s completely hot.  You’ll love when her guy jerks himself off while licking Nicole’s nipples, then spills his jizz all over.

Nomi-X is working the front desk at the porn company. A guy is waiting for an interview, but the boss isn’t back yet. Nomi-X decides to take it upon herself to review his application and sees that he wants to be a porn star, rather than photographer as she had originally assumed. She wants to check him out and asks to get a better look at him, so he takes off his clothes and poses for her. Instead of waiting for the boss to get back, Nomi-X decides to do her own one-on-one interview instead. They fuck standing up, so he can demonstrate the force of his thrusts. Given the steaminess of this scene, I can bet that this guy probably got himself a job in the porn biz thanks to Nomi-X and that fine ass of hers.

Onjulic is up next and we get to watch as the blonde bombshell changes in the bathroom into some stockings to please her man. She enters the bedroom wearing booty shorts, stiletto heels, and those fishnets stockings and her man looks overwhelmed with desire. She climbs on top of him in bed and straddles him. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her and those plump, dick sucking lips of hers. The sex between them is intense and you’re going to love this scene.

Kitty Vuitton is actually a lot smaller in person than she appears on the cover. She’s a tiny t-girl, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s a sexual dynamite in bed!  She answers the door and her boytoy towers over him, but that doesn’t stop her from giving him the dick sucking of a lifetime!  He returns the favor by sucking on that she-dick of hers, biting her lovingly on her inner thigh.  Their scene is tender and sexy, as he cums all over himself while kissing her delicate skin.

Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip is a worthy addition to Grooby’s Shemale Pornstar  line. Jack Flash has shot some great scenes, really showing off each performer’s spicy personalities!

Rogue Adventures 37 with a Double Dose of Eva Lin!

Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 37 is now for sale with the stunning Eva Lin gracing its cover. This DVD has a great cast, also starring Vaniity, Aly Sinclair, Courtney Taylor, Amy Daly, Brittany St. Jordan, and Genesis!

The first scene, of course, starts with Eva Lin being interviewed in the park. It was hard to listen to what she was saying, though, because I could see her perky nipples through her shirt and it was very, very distracting!  “I’m in love with big dicks,” she admits. If you’re not familiar with Eva Lin’s work, you should check out her hot  hardcore scene on Shemale Pornstar. She’s the kind of t-girl that will teach you things sexually you never even knew about! She inserts big glass anal plug inside of her with a loop ending and Joey Silvera pops it outta her like a lollipop!

Next up is Vaniity wearing a yellow dress and fishnets. She makes her guy suck her cock THROUGH her fishnets. I’m surprised her stockings didn’t tear right there. She’s rough with him, thrusting in his mouth quickly, even raising her leg to go deeper. She later fingers herself while sucking his cock, her magnificent ass exposed for the world to see.  He fucks her from behind on the couch, going slowly at first and then picking up the pace when he can slide in easily.

If you’re looking for some hot t-girl on girl action, look no further than shemale Ally Sinclair and GG Courtney Taylor. Ally is already sporting a massive hard-on when the scene starts and Courtney goes right in to suck her off.  Courtney is wearing a strap-on in this scene and well…it was magical. Courtney is rough with Ally, slapping her ass until it’s tender and red. Courtney fucks her deep and hard, then she rides Ally, bouncing up and down on her cock!

T-girl on t-girl action? Yes, please! Amy Daly and Brittany St. Jordan are together for a hot translesbian scene! Brittany slurps up Amy’s thick cock and Amy returns the favor gladly.  While still wearing their stockings, Brittany bends Amy over and fucks her from behind! These t-girl love talking dirty to each other, so get ready for it! By the way, for more Brittany, check out her official website here!

Eva Lin returns for more in the next scene! This time she’s wearing skin tight pink dress with her tits already exposed. She wants to be in control in this scene and she makes sure her guy knows who’s the boss. She even controls how he sucks her cock, even though he’s trying so desperately to get a taste. When she finally gives him a taste, I thought he was going to cum right there!  Before fucking him, she fucks him with a hot pink dildo while tugging on his cock. Don’t worry, though, he gets a turn too and plows into her!

Finally, we have slutty schoolgirl Genesis wearing her uniform and white lacy panties. This is a hot interracial scene where Genesis proves to be one of the horniest schoolgirls I’ve ever seen! Genesis is petite and her ass is perfect.


Black Tranny Jizz Jam is Deliciously Sweet!

Grooby Productions and Third World Media present their latest title, BLACK TRANNY JIZZ JAM! Five hardcore scenes featuring some of the hottest black shemales I’ve ever seen! Sasha Strokes, Luxury, Sheeba, Starr, Unique, and Chastity Kane. So you’re probably asking yourself, what the hell is a jizz jam?! As you can see from the cover, it involves a whole lotta jizz. Some might think it’s a big party, a jizz jamboree. Others might argue it’s a big yummy jar of jizz jam from all these horny black trannies. Well, whatever Jizz Jam means to you…believe me, either way it involves a lot of cum.

First up is Chastity Kane, looking a it like a skittle in her rainbow dress. Cane certainly wants to taste her rainbow. He plows into her from behind, as her ass jiggles with each thrust!

In the next scene, Luxury is wearing black lingerie and a massive hard-on.  Cane wastes no time sucking her huge cock, giving much need attention to her tight balls! While he fucks her on the bed, she maintains eye contact with the camera nearly the whole time. You’ll feel like she wants you watching her.

It’s a Happy New Year celebration with Sasha Strokes and Cane. They count down together and spray each other with silly string (not that kind, but that comes later) at midnight! My favorite part of this scene is watching Sasha  sucking Cane off. She’s shakes her ass as she sucks him off–I can’t take my eyes away from her!  Then she shakes her ass in his face while she licks her she-hole, then pulls her cock between her cheeks to suck her off.

Sheeba Starr looks HOT with her rocker attitude and pasties! She could jump and down and twirl those tit tassels around. She fucks like a rockstar too.  Her ass is a thing of beauty, it’s so round, considering how petite the rest of her body is (cock excluded). This is one raunchy hardcore scene!

Finally, we have t-girl Unique! She’s tall and slender, but definitely not delicate. This hottie likes it rough! When Cane inserts his thick cock inside of her, she pounds down on it, wanting him to thrust harder! She rides his cock, bouncing faster and faster to bring herself to climax.


Shemale Japan #2 – Uncensored, Unmosaiced, HOT!

Grooby Productions/Third World Media’s latest release, Shemale Japan #2 is a worthy addition to their Shemale Japan series. This is a ground-breaking series, featuring Tokyo’s hottest newhalves in uncensored, unmosaiced hardcore scenes.  They’ve handpicked five of their best performers: Haruka, Cocoa, Sayaka, Lisa, and Kirea, some of the horniest Japanese shemales I’ve ever seen.

Cover-newhalf Haruka is dressed as a popular fantasy: the Japanese schoolgirl. Of course, she’s the naughty schoolgirl with a little something extra under that pleated skirt of hers. Japanese shemale Cocoa is just as hot as her name implies and she likes to squirt cream all over herself, every chance she gets.  Her sexual appetite is bottomless, so she needed TWO guys to fuck and suck her off!  Japanese shemale Sayaka is the curviest newhalf of the bunch and her tits bounce as she’s getting fucked.  Newhalf Lisa recently made her debut on Shemale Japan and since then, has been one of the most requested models on the site.  Although she’s only 18, she fucks like a pro, maintaining her hard-on while getting rammed.  Finally there’s Kirea, who reminds me a bit of a MILF newhalf. I love her classy, mature look and how she keeps those fishnet stockings on even when she’s getting fucked!

If you’re looking for high quality asian newhalf porn, Shemale Japan #2 won’t let you down.

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Black Shemale Candy – A Deliciously Naughty Treat!

Grooby Productions/Third World Media’s latest title, Black Shemale Candy, is certainly the most delicious sounding title I’ve seen in a while. I admit, part of the appeal was seeing Kayla BIGGS’ huge cock on the cover.  Black Shemale Candy stars Kayla BIGGS, Paris Pirelli, Candi Love, Shakira, and Vanilla! Shot by Frank and Buddy Wood, each scene displays their unique style well.

When Candi Love saunters down the long stairwell in her tight skirt and heels, she takes your breath away. Her guy is completely obsessed with her ass and I can’t say that I blame him. He pushes his tongue between her cheeks, licking her generously. He turns her around and slides down her panties to reveal her hard cock. He wastes no time sucking her off and she returns the favor by putting the entire length of his cock in her eager mouth.

He reclines back on the couch and Candi straddles him, sitting on his cock and riding him like a horny cowgirl. Her cock swings wildly with each thrust and one point she holds onto it while bouncing on his dick. She turns to face him and we get a perfect view of her round ass. It’s mesmerizing to see his cock entering her over and over again.

He lays her on her back so he can have more control of his thrusts, plowing into her. Candi is overwhelmed by the length of his cock, crying out in ecstasy so loud that it feels like it shakes the walls of the apartment. My favorite part of this scene, by far, is when there’s a close up of Candi’s ass and you can see her she-pussy pulsating, almost asking to be fucked more. He must have heard her loud and clear because he then fucks her doggie style on the couch, slapping her ass to watch it jiggle. When Candi cums all over herself, you’ll be wondering if her cum is as sweet as her name implies.

I was excited to see Black Shemale Candy’s covergirl Kayla BIGGS’ scene. Her cock is mesmerizing on the cover and I was curious to see how she’d perform. Kayla is positioned alone on the stairwell, “studying” on her ipad. John Magnum approaches and before I know it, he’s slurping up her magnificent sized cock in his mouth. She’s so big that he can’t take her entire length in his mouth, but he tries anyway.

Magnum sits open legged on the stairwell and Kayla rides him hard, her big cock flopping around with each thrust. She turns to face him and Magnum jerks her off while she rides him. I loved watching Kayla’s petite body grinding against Magnum—you can tell he just can’t get enough of her and wants to be as deep inside of her as possible. At one point, there’s a close up of Kayla’s ass getting pounded that will make your mouth water. The cumshot in this scene is worth watching, as she-milk spills all over Kayla’s hand as she brings herself to climax.

John Magnum must be hungry from all the fucking because he orders a pizza right after their session. The hottest pizza girl I’ve ever seen comes to drop it off and he complains that he ordered a meat pizza, with extra meat. Pizza girl, Shakira, says she has “a lot of meat,” so John takes her into the bedroom to see for himself.

Much to his surprise and excitement, Shakria has a cock, a big cock!  John is happy to get a taste of her “extra meat” and sucks her off.  He pulls off her cloths and kisses her passionately, caressing her tight body and then leaning down to suck her erect nipples. She then lies on her back and John Magnum thrusts in her mouth, all while she maintains her noticeable hard-on. He gladly jerks her off while she sucks him off, then fucks her wet and raw. Demonstrating great flexibility, John Magnum fucks Shakira in a variety of positions. My favorite is her on her back, looking a bit like human pretzel, with Magnum thrusting downwards into her she-pussy.

In this next scene, Christian is getting some action on the couch with Paris Pirelli. He pulls down her bra to reveal her pieced nipples and then tongues it before coming up for a kiss. When a t-girl gets a piercing, you can bet she has more than one! That happens to be the case with Paris Pirelli. I won’t give away too much, but let’s just say she has piercings in some pretty interesting places.

Paris is a master cock sucker and takes Christian’s big cock in her mouth with ease. When he finally fucks her, he does is gently at first. She wants more and moves her body so he can fuck her deeper. Her ass is a damn fantastic and if you love a hot ebony shemale with a booty, Paris will make you cock rock solid.

Paris Pirelli is a fantastic performer with a great ass to match. She makes some of the hottest sex faces I’ve ever seen. I’m sure guys could come just by watching her face alone. Christian holds her close while they fuck and when she cums all over herself, you’ll be reaching for the Kleenex as well.

The last scene begins with Christian waiting in bed, cock hard, for ebony tranny Vanilla to join him. They waste no time getting into it and 69, with Vanilla taking the entire length of Christian’s dick in her mouth. She even grabs cups his balls to push his cock deeper.

If you remember Vanilla from the Transexdomination DVD, Vanilla is a force to be reckoned with as a top. Christian seems to know what he’s in for because he easily lets her cock slide into him. To get a big guy like Christian to submit to you takes skill and Vanilla knows how to use her cock well.

The best part of this scene, by far, is when she thrusts into Christian’s mouth. We have a close-up of her cock and it looks wet and long. They switch positions and Vanilla takes Christian’s cock into her mouth.

Black Shemale Candy is the perfect summer pick for any black tranny admirer! Pick up your copy at Shemale Video Direct now!

Shemale Pornstar Chrissy Snow – the East Coast’s Best Kept Secret

Shemale Pornstar Chrissy Snow is Grooby Productions/Third World Media’s highly anticipated summer release. Directed by Tranny Award winner Tony Vee, you can expect Vee’s signature style in each of the scenes. The DVD features three hardcore scenes and two solo scenes with a cumtastic threesome scene to finish us (and her) off.

The first scene starts off HOT! Chrissy’s cock head is peeking out at the top of her jeans and she wastes no time taking off her clothes. Her guy is eager to be with her, kissing her every chance he gets. He slides down her bra and massages her nipple with his tongue, then pushes down her jeans to reveal her hard-on bulging out of her lacy white panties.

She removes the rest of her clothing and spreads her legs on the couch, her guy is eager to tongue her wet she-hole. She slaps her cock in his mouth and he slurps her up. He slides his cock into her she-pussy and lifts her up so he can thrust into her as deep as he can. After a fantastic fucking, they switch positions and Chrissy fucks him on the same couch! Chrissy is much slower with her thrusts, but she thrusts deep! The cumshots in this scene are amazing, with her guy spraying jizz all over her beautiful face.

Next up is a solo scene with Chrissy wearing a sparkly purple top and super tight skirt. She lifts up her skirt to reveal her panties, except, they’re not quite panties. More like a butterfly with some strategically placed elastic around her cock. Trust me, I’m not complaining.

The next scene is a hardcore with lots of sensual kissing and cock play. This guy loves sucking Chrissy’s cock and she moans in ecstasy when he takes the entire length of her cock in his mouth. When she returns the favor, she wraps her lips around his cock and sucks slowly. He fucks her on her back, between moaning and reaching for him, he thrusts into her with such force that it moves her whole body. They change positions lie on the couch together while he fucks her from behind. She then sits down on his cock and rides him hard, only to soon fuck him from behind!

Chrissy in pink lingerie is up next, a nice cooldown from the previous hardcore scene. She’s wearing a pink ruffled top and her cock is fully erect and showing off that runway patch. I won’t give away too much here, but rest assured it’s a sexy scene with Chrissy jerking off next to Tony Vee’s famous mirrored dresser.

The next scene is probably the hottest on the DVD. It’s a threesome with Chrissy dressed as the hottest doctor I’ve ever seen! She has to take two patients at the same time, which they agree and strip down to be examined. Only thing is that she’s so distracted by their hard-ons that she admits she needs to blow them right there. She greedily sucks them off, at one point tonguing both of their dicks at the same time. My favorite part is watching one guy suck Chrissy off while the other caresses her from behind. She is so overwhelmed with pleasure, moaning loudly. The guys take turns fucking her and honestly I’m glad there’s two of them to keep up with her!  The cumshot in this scene is one of the hottest (and wettest) I’ve seen in a long time.

Shemale Pornstar Chrissy Snow is the east coast’s best kept secret! See what you’ve been missing at Shemale Video Direct now!

Shemale Pornstar Jessica Fox

Grooby Productions is on a roll! I got my hands on a copy of Shemale Pornstar Jessica Fox to review and I’m really stoked. Jessica Fox recently won the Best DVD Performer for the Tranny Awards and let me tell you, she definitely earned the title. She really knows how to ride a cock!

The DVD kicks off with a steamy scene with Jessica Fox and tattooed GG Victoria playing a game of beer pong. While waiting for the guys to arrive, they decide to fuck with them a bit with some hot girl on girl action.  The guys aren’t here yet, but that doesn’t stop Jessica and Victoria from kissing and groping each other. They pull off each other’s tops and Jessica sucks on Victoria’s perky nipples. Jessica lifts up her skirt, revealing her bulge through her sheer panties. Victoria’s eyes light up with excitement and she takes her cock in her mouth.

Jessica pushes Victoria on the couch and spreads her legs open, licking her wet pussy. She plows into Victoria’s throbbing pussy as deep as she can. This is such a sensual and yet raunchy scene, Jessica leans over to suck Victoria’s tits as she fucks her. My favorite part is watching Victoria ride Jessica’s cock while they’re on the couch together. Victoria can’t get enough of Jessica’s she-cock and I loved watching Jessica spilling her cum all over Victoria’s breasts.

In the next scene, Jessica is showing off that beautiful ass of hers. She’s wearing a sheer bra and thong panties and I can’t stop staring at her. This is a fantastic solo scene; she sits back on the chair and pulls out her cock through the hole of her panties and starts tugging on her cock. Her hard-on his massive and

She reaches for her glass dildo and slides it easily into her she-pussy, keeping inside of her while she jerks herself off. She moans with each thrust, all while keeping her legs practically wrapped around her head. She cums all over herself, her dick still completely erect and sticking up in the air.

Wearing some black and red lingerie, Jessica is checking herself out in the mirror, seeing how the material clings to her hot body. Danny Cannon appears, eager to touch her.  He kneels down to suck her cock, pulling it through the strategically placed hole in her lingerie. He sucks her cock while tonguing her hard nipples and soon she returns the favor by sucking on his dick. When he can’t take it anymore, he lays her down on the bed and lifts up her legs, sliding deep inside of her. He keeps his rhythm, rubbing her cock with his free hand. At one point, he fucks her from behind while she’s on her knees, and she uses the spring from the mattress to allow his dick deep inside of her. They switch position and he lays her on her back, lifting her to fuck her, he brings her orgasm while thrusting. He rubs her milk all over her cock for this explosive end.

Silk hasn’t been waiting very long when Jessica appears at his room.

“Well, when a hot guy give me his room key,” she explains. “You don’t make him wait.”

When they begin to discuss payment, she realizes that Silk might actually be an undercover cop. Scared of getting busted, she asks if there’s anything she can do so she won’t get in trouble. Enamored by her beauty, he simply says, “You can suck my cock.”

She gladly obliges, greedily slurping up his cock in her mouth. They make their way to the bed where Silk sucks Jessica’s cock. She thrusts in his mouth and he takes the entire length of her cock. She gets on her hands and knees and Silk pulls her cock in his mouth, sucking it from behind. He fucks her behind, grabbing onto her tits while he rams into her. His big black cock makes Jessica quiver with joy. She rides his dick hard, all while her boner is bouncing around like crazy. She grabs her cock and jerks herself off while riding him, cumming all over herself. The scene finishes with her helping him jerk off, smiling as he cums all over himself.

She asks him if her performance was good enough to keep her out of jail.

He smiles sheepishly and says, “Jail?”

Next up is “Sports Talk with Jessica Fox”. Today she’s sitting with the number one golfer, Morning Wood. She wants to know if the allegations are true that he slept with so many women.

“That and much more,” he smirks.

He decides to show her his moves, taking off her microphone and kissing her passionately. She sucks his cock like a pro and cums a little bit in her mouth. I can see it dribbling out and she takes the entire length of his dick in her mouth. He eagerly does the same and she slaps her dick against his face. He bends her over on the couch, ramming her she-pussy like a jackhammer. He sits down on the chair and she sits on top of him. He fucks her fast and hard and I can’t stop staring at her ass cheeks shaking. Finally, they move back to the couch and she positions herself so her ass in the air. He pounds her and pounds her, then pulls out to jizz all over her naked body.

Shemale Pornstar Jessica Fox proves she earns the title of Best DVD Performer! I dare you to prove me wrong.

Note: Be sure to check out the Behind the Scenes feature. P.K. Vegas got some great footage!

Shemale Pornstar #2 – A Sizzling Follow-up!

Shemale Pornstar 2 is the sizzling follow up Buddy Wood’s series Shemale Pornstar. As the title suggests, it only features the hottest performers in the industry. I think Shemale Pornstar 2 is a worthy follow-up to its predecessor starring Doll, Jamie Page, Khloe Hart, Mia Isabella, Britney Markham, and Stefani. Below is my scene by scene breakdown, so you know just how deserving this title is to be part of the Shemale Pornstar series.

Doll is eyeing the cute guy as he checks her electricity meter. She oogles him from around the corner and waves hello. She smiles sweetly at him and signals for him to join her inside. They go straight to her bedroom where he immediately goes to work on her breasts. She unzips his worksuit and lays him back on her bed, sucking his rock hard cock. He then pushes her down on the bed and tongues her cock. She pushes his head down so he takes the entire length of her dick in his mouth.

Wolf then lifts up her legs and plows into her tight she-pussy. Doll grabs on to her bootylicious ass, moaning in ecstasy. She then rides his cock and Wolf rams into her, deep and hard. I’m surprised the bed didn’t break from all the fucking. The climatic finish has Wolf cumming all over Doll’s voluptuous breasts, tugging on his dick to ensure he squeezes all of his milk on her body.

In the next scene, Jamie Page is sitting in front of the fireplace, legs spread just slightly, so you can get a hint of what she’s packing under those skin tight leggings. She’s cold, but her guy is happy to warm her up with a bit of body of heat!  He helps pull off her top and massaging her nipples between his fingers. In return, she has him recline and she sucks his throbbing cock. She takes her time sucking him off, lubing his cock with her saliva. She sits on his dick and rides him hard as he massages her tits with his eager hands. He takes her from behind, but is careful not to thrust too fast. When he feels like he’s about to cum, he turns her around and spills his jizz all over her naked body.

Khloe Hart (who looks mighty sexy as a brunette) is enjoying this hot summer day at the park. She is surprised by a guy she’s been eyeing who has been also eyeing her. He convinces her to join him and cool off at a nearby pool. Very secluded.

After a bit of searching, Khloe finds the entrance to the mysterious pool. Apparently this forbidden pool is also magical because upon walking through the entrance, she is now wearing a sexy bikini! By the way, how much better would life be if we had more of these damn pools?

Her guy is waiting in the water for her, naked and with a very mischievous smile. He comes out of the water to meet her and after noticing the massive hard-on he’s sporting, takes his cock in her mouth. Excited about what is about to happen, they both slip indoors to continue the fun. From under her skirt, you can see the bulge in Khloe’s bikini bottoms. Her guy wastes no time sucking her off as she thrusts into his mouth. He takes great care tonguing her she-hole as she strokes herself off. My favorite part of the scene is when Khloe shakes her ass, almost looks like he’s motor-boating her ass. It’s HOT. I love watching them fuck. Khloe Hart will always be one of my favorite performers. As she bounces down on his dick, she jerks herself off, moaning wildly in pleasure. The scene ends with an explosive cumshot all over Khloe’s body. You won’t be able to take her eyes off of her.

Mia Isabella in black lingerie, drinking wine in front of a nice fireplace? Have we died and gone to heaven? She has a visitor at the door and she looks pleasantly surprised. Her friend is soaking wet and Mia lets him in to dry off. He tells her that his car broke down and he walked to her house in the rain. Mia is quite the understanding friend, sharing her glass of wine with him and offering to help him relax. She tells him to take off his wet clothes and although his underwear isn’t wet, she helps him take it off anyway.

She wraps her plump lips around his cock and his dick responds immediately. She strokes the base of his dick while teasing him with her tongue. She slips off her panties, revealing her beautiful cock. She lies down in front of the fireplace and he proceeds to massage her sexy body with oil. This scene stands out because of its sensuality. When he finally puts himself inside of herself, he thrusts slowly while kissing her from behind.

Mia’s hard cock swings from side to side as he fucks her behind. They switch positions and she sits on his cock, here is where he picks up the pace, fucking her more urgently. He lies on his back and she rides him, her cock rubbing against his stomach as she gyrates on him.  Finally, she cums all over his chest, crying out in pleasure, spilling her sweet juice on his body.

Britney Markham’s scene is next and I already know it’s going to be hot. She’s wearing a tight corset and her breasts are practically spilling out. No wonder Christian can’t keep his hands off of her. He gladly sucks her cock and in return she fucks him on the couch, with his legs spread wide! I was surprised to see Britney topping Christian, fucking him without hesitation. I think she might just be earning the title of Power Fucker. Christian wants to demonstrate his abilities as well, so they switch roles and he fucks her from behind. This is a fairly straightforward scene, which I appreciate, and the closeup of Christian cumming in Britney’s mouth, followed by a sexy kiss, is magnificent.

Our final scene is with Stefani, who is already waiting in bed for the action to begin. She’s been eyeing the shirtless poolboy and invites himself inside for some one-on-one fun. He demands to be paid for his services, but Stefani says she has something else in mind for him. He reluctantly walks over to the bed where he is greeted by Stefani’s hard-on. He immediately starts going down on her, while her tits juggle with each movement. She slurps him up, massaging his dick in her mouth. She props him up on the bed and starts fucking his mouth. She wants something tighter now and bends him over to fuck him from behind. She fucks him so hard that he needs to hold on to a pillow. She holds his arms behind his back and rams him like a jackhammer. They lie together in bed and jerk off. She squirts right in his face, even though they’re lying next to each other, and in return he cums all over those beautiful tits of hers.

There you have it. Six sizzling hot hardcore scenes with some of the industry’s best performers. Shemale Pornstar 2 has proved it deserves the title of Pornstar!

Shemale Pornstar: Domino Presley – Internet Superstar

Budding sensation 23 year old Domino Presley won the Shemale Yum Model of the Year Award for 2011 and Best Up and Cummer for the 2011 Tranny Awards. I had predicted that 2011 would be the year of Domino and it looks like I’m right, with the launch of her solo site and her full-feature DVD, Shemale Pornstar: Domino Presley.

The DVD begins with her debut scene from Shemale Yum. If you want to know the moment where people thought, “this girl is going to be really popular”, it’s this first scene.  Domino radiates sensuality without even saying a word. When she slides off her panties to reveal that tight, perfect ass of hers, you’ll be hooked.

After stroking herself off, she lies back on the bed and briefly turns it into joint-jerkoff session with Buddy Wood, using both hands to massage their cocks. She finishes, rubbing her juices all over her body, then smiles at the camera and says, “bye.” A star is born.

Domino’s first hardcore scene on this DVD is a great opener for the following scenes and will definitely get you all worked up for more! There have been a string of break-ins in the neighborhood. Bad boy panty sniffer Christian is on the prowl for his daily fix of panties! When he spots an unfamiliar house in the area, a curiously erotic smell is wafting in his direction. These panties smell unique and he just has to get his hands on them. Overwhelmed with desire, he breaks in and finds his reward tucked away in a nightstand: a pretty pair of pink panties.

“Smells like pussy…but not pussy,” he thinks. Completely intoxicated by the smell of her underwear, he doesn’t notice Domino enter the room. She screams, he panics, and quickly jams her panties in her pocket.

She confronts him and then snatches it back, only to shove it in his mouth to enjoy.  To return the favor, he has her shove his cock in her mouth while he thrusts into her. Domino then reclines on the bed to let Christian suck her off, pushing his head down to go deeper. He spreads her out on the bed and plows into Domino’s tight she-hole as she moans loudly in enjoyment. My favorite part of this scene is when they switch positions and Domino’s rides Christian’s cock while jerking herself off. She pushes his cock deep inside of her and gyrates against his body, cumming all over his stomach. The scene ends with Christian jazzing right in Domino’s mouth, spilling cum all over her eager tongue.

The next scene opens with Britney Markham already working hard on Domino’s cock. Is this is what a “Girls Night In” with tranny porn stars is like, I hope there are always cameras watching! Like good girl friends, they both take care of each other, and of course that extends to sex as well. And what better way to take care of your friend (and yourself) by doing some 69 position cock sucking!

Domino sits right down on Britney’s hard dick and rides her cock like crazy, while her hard-on is swinging side to side wildly with each thrust. Buddy decides he can’t JUST watch these two hotties together, he needs to be included too, and before you know it the girls are taking turns sucking him off.  The girls finish the scene by cumming in bed next to each other and then Buddy decides to cum all over Britney’s tits, you know, for good measure.

Next is a solo scene that will tickle your whistle—heh, heh. Domino, now sporting punk purple highlights her pair of panties that says “Little Miss Naughty” should be an indication of what this scene is going to be like!

Domino Presley has showed that she can change her look and look radiant every time. The next scene is a hardcore, with her hair now auburn and blond. Christian can’t wait to get his hands on her, pulling down his jeans to touch himself. After sucking him off, he fucks her on the couch, holding up her leg so he thrust into her as deep as he can. The switch positions and she rides him hard, bouncing on his cock so hard I wondered if the couch was going to break.

The last scene is my favorite by far, because Domino steps out of that Jag wearing a skin tight racing suit and knee-high boots. What starts out as a car wash turns into an opportunity for Domino to service her guy!  She leads him around the back of the building and sucks him off. What unfolds is one of the hottest hardcore scenes I’ve ever seen. He bends her over on this small cooler and they fuck in a variety of positions outside. She cums all over him as she’s riding his cock, spraying cum all over his stomach. When he’s ready to cum, Domino shoots the camera a naughty smile, as if recognizing the fun that’s ahead.

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This is Definitely Not Ugly Betty, But Definitely HOT!

I’m so glad I finally got my hands on Juicy’s newest title, This is Definitely Not Ugly Betty: A XXX Tranny Parody. As far as I know, this is the first transsexual porn parody DVD and could pave the way for others.

I’m a huge fan of Foxxy. She’s incredibly sexy, a great performer, and a sweetheart to boot. When I popped in the DVD and saw the main menu, with Foxxy in her Ugly Betty attire, I literally said outloud, “WHOA. HOT.”

In this DVD, she stars as Betty, Mr. Christianson’s new assistant. If any of you are familiar with the television show, you have at least a general idea of what Betty looks like. I never thought much of America Ferrera and I think her character is meant to be looked over in the romance department, but Foxxy as Betty adds her own sensuality and beauty to the role. I think I’d enjoy the television show much more if Ugly Betty looked more like TS Foxxy.

The DVD starts off in Mr. Christianson’s (played by Christian) hotel room. His business call is interrupted by someone at his door. He mistakens Betty for room service and asks where his assistant is.

“You think I’m a maid? I am your assistant,” she answers. He seems rather unimpressed by the person his father’s chose for him. He ushers her into the bedroom to talk, sitting her down next to him on the bed. He apologizes to her for offending her, and then tells her to take off her coat and get more comfortable. At one point he even tries to remove her glasses, but good ol’ Betty refuses to take them off, which makes me happy because I love that sexy secretary look.

Betty is wearing a heavy black overcoat, but when she slips it off, Mr. Christianson is blown away by what he sees: Betty has a smokin’ hot body. Wearing black sheer lingerie, I swear you can see Mr. Christianson’s eyes bulge out of his head in disbelief. He really takes his time with her, as if afraid of rushing into things and scaring her off. He pulls down her lingerie and sucks on her nipples. She returns the favor by sucking his hard dick, massaging his balls in her mouth.

He fucks her on the bed, caressing her body gently while thrusting his cock inside of her. He bends her over and fucks her from behind.

The scene ends like how every job interview should…with a cumshot all over Foxxy’s face as she sucks him off!”

“Guess I did the job right,” she smiles.

Mr. Christianson calls his father to praise his choice and suggests Betty might be perfect for a special project.

She decides to call of her tranny friends to discuss this special project, but finds that Brazilian babe Andrea Mel is currently indisposed with a guy. Andrea is just too busy tonguing her guy to be discussing anything other than getting fucked. She pushes his head down and he greedily sucks her cock, taking her inside of him as deep as he can.

She pushes him down on the couch and rips of his clothes, immediately sucking his throbbing cock. She strokes herself off at the same time, never letting an opportunity for pleasure to go to waste. She turns him around and bends him over, eager to fuck him. She thrusts slow at first, but begins to speed up as he moans louder and louder into the couch cushion.

They trade places and he bends her over doggie style to fuck her. He really lays into her, pounding so hard that it echoes in the room. They cum together, sitting side by side, while jerking off. They spill their milk all over their naked bodies, but are too overwhelmed with pleasure to notice.

Like a good friend, Betty recommends her pal Morgan to Mr. Christianson. Morgan is sitting on the couch looking all leggy and hot, wearing pink fishnets and thigh high boots. In walks Mr. Christianson to see if she lives up to her reputation.

She wraps her lips around his cock and sucks him off while playing with her nipples. Mr. Christianson gently tugs on her cock and strokes her hair affectionately, quickly bringing Morgan’s cock to attention.

He fucks her on her back, legs in the air, thrusting smoothly into Morgan’s tight she-pussy. He flips her over and fucks her on the couch, while steadying themselves on the floor. He really plows into her and Morgan just spreads her ass to welcome him in.

The highlight of this scene is definitely when they’re lying on the couch together and Mr. Christianson bangs her from behind. He’s careful not to thrust too hard (and knock her off the couch) and makes sure he holds her to keep her close.

Betty is waiting for her friend to arrive so they can discuss this mysterious special project, except Brazilian tranny Carla blows her off to blow someone else!  Looking seductive in red lingerie, her cock is already hard when we see her. Her guy is all over, groping her at every opportunity he gets, and I can’t say that I blame him. Carla is sexy and I love how her tits bounce as he fucks her.

He stops for a moment to lick up her she-pussy juices, then pounds into her harder than ever!  He pulls out and she fucks him from behind, teasing him by thrusting slowly. When he finally can’t take it anymore, she rolls him over on his back and fucks him with so much force I’m surprised they didn’t break the couch. He cums all over his stomach while she’s still fucking him, so she then pulls out and finishes herself off, giving him a nice, wet kiss.

All this waiting has made Betty horny. She’s done waiting for her friends and has decided to take advantage of the swanky hotel room. She performs a steamy striptease for the camera, showing off that damn perfect ass of hers.

While sitting spread legged in her chair, she drips lube over her cock and she-pussy. She slowly slides in one finger, the massages her cock and balls with her other hand. She pulls out her pocket rocket (which I thought was a pen at first–oops) and inserts it in her she-pussy. She plays with it for a bit and then moves into a more comfortable position to jerk herself off. She cums all over her hand and then shows it to the camera, rubbing it all over those supple breasts of hers.

All right. You’ve got me convinced, Betty. Best. Assistant. Ever. EVER.