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Tony Vee’s New York Shemales Vol 3 Exclusively on Video on Demand!!

Tony Vee’s New York Shemales Vol 3 is the latest installment to the popular series. It does not disappoint–it’s a great addition to the series. It was released exclusively for VOD, which means that you can have it right NOW.

Here is my scene-by-scene break down so you can figure out which scene you want to enjoy!

First up is Angelina, and in true Tony Vee cinematic style, her and Pito are already tonguing each other on the couch. She pulls down his jeans and sucks his cock, taking its entire length in her mouth. They both take off their clothes and while Angelina bends over on the couch, Pito greedly tongues her tight she-pussy. Tony Vee gets right in the middle of all the action with some awesome ass shots.  Pito stands and thrusts into Angelina’s mouth, spilling his juices all over her face. The scene doesn’t end there, though! Angelina bends over and Pito plows into her like a jackhammer on its highest speed, all you hear is moaning and  the distinct sound of his balls hitting her ass. She then rides his cock while jerking herself off. The scene ends with Pito cumming all over her face while Angelina continues to suck his cock!

“I have a surprise for you,” Mariah Lynn tells him, ushering in her new guest. “Her name is Cherry.”  Cherry and Mariah take their time with each other, while Mariah caresses Cherry’s perfect body.You might think the surprise is Cherry herself, but in actuality the surprise is what Cherry is hiding under the lacy panties. Mariah pulls down her underwear to reveal Cherry’s hard cock! While Mariah sucks on Cherry’s stick, you can see Tyler in the corner jerking himself off. Nothing turns himself on more than watching his girlfriend with a hot transsexual! He decides he can’t be a bystander any longer and licks Mariah’s wet pussy while she sucks on Cherry’s cock. Things really heat up when Mariah rides Cherry’s cock AND sucks off Tyler at the same time! But now it’s Cherry’s turn to be the center of attention as Mariah and Tyler take turns sucking her she-cock. The grand finale comes when you see Cherry fucking Tyler while he fucks Mariah from behind.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but Tyler wanted MORE after his hot threesome so he heads on over to Malynda’s house for some action. My favorite part of this scene is when Tyler tongues Malynda’s she-pussy while jerking her off from behind. She’s is writhing around on the couch, overwhelmed in ecstasy, ready to be fucked. But then instead, Malynda fucks Tyler from behind. She has to go slow with him, inserting her cock very slowly inside of him. When she’s completely inside him, she begins thrusting slowly, increasing in speed as he moans louder and louder. After she pulls out, he finishes her off on the couch, watching as she cums all over herself. He massages her jizz all over her smooth skin.

Marylyn looks like the hottest school girl I’ve ever seen. As soon as the scene begins, you can see her boner peeking out from her plaid skirt. Her shirt is unbuttoned, open, and her plaid tie is hanging between her supple breasts. Ant slides right in to get her cock in his mouth. She pushes his head down on her cock so he takes the entire length of it in his mouth. He takes his time sucking her cock, you can tell that he’s enjoying it immensely. Finally, though, he gets a turn and she sucks him off, all before fucking him with that huge cock of hers! She really plows into him, fucking him while standing up!  The scene finishes with her shooting cum all over his face.

Nothing is hotter than a sexy TS and GG together, so I love seeing TS Nicole and GG together in this scene. The scene begins in the car with them making out and escalates quickly by the time they reach the house. Nicole seems shy at first, but Ginger puts her at ease as she strokes her off. There is something incredibly sensual about seeing them together. They’re gentle with each other, caressing their bodies. Ginger takes Nicole’s cock in her mouth, going slow first to get her warmed up. They move over to the bed where Nicole uses a vibrator on Ginger, while sucking on her nipples. They move to the mirror dresser (the one infamously seen in many of Tony Vee’s best sets) and Nicole fucks Ginger while she spreads her legs sitting on the dresser. Ginger then puts on a strap-on and fucks the hell out of Nicole back on the bed! The scene ends with Nicole jerking off while standing above Ginger (who’s still lying in bed), finally spilling cum all over her naked body.


Shemale Pornstar Celeste Shines!

Shemale Pornstar Celeste features scenes from the very talented P.K. Vegas and Buddy Wood, each showcasing their unique style. Featuring one solo scene and four hot hardcores, Celeste proves that she can carry a DVD on her own, and with great results.

The DVD starts off with a titillating solo scene! Wearing matching turquoise and lace bra and panties, Celeste leans over so you can get a good look at her tits. She likes teasing the guy, taking her time undressed while touching herself. She has mastered the art of seduction, never giving away too much at once. Like how she slides her panties down and slaps her own ass, Celeste is all about take advantage of each moment.

She reclines on the couch and spreads her legs, using one hand to hold the base of her cock while the other strokes herself off. All lubed up and horny, she tugs on her cock for the camera. Then, my favorite part of the scene, she slides two fingers in her tight she-pussy and opens herself up! When she cums all over herself, she pushes the head of her cock into her jizz, and then licks her finger with a smile.

The first hardcore scene of the DVD has Celeste wearing some S&M type bondage. Thigh high stiletto boots, matching bra and panties, and a riding crop in hand, she can whip me into place any time. John Magnum is a guy who likes control, though, and handcuffs and gags Celeste to the bed. He teases her with her own riding crop, running it over her erect nipples as she writhes in pleasure. While he jerks off on top of her, he massages her cock with the riding crop, rubbing the leather against her skin.

Hanging in the the hot tub, Lobo and Celeste heat things up even further by making out, tonguing each other wildly. They go inside the house–Celeste looks so hot in her bikini, although I’m not sad when he slides her top off. Her tits are plump and her nipples are hard; he wastes no time pulling her on top of him. His cock is throbbing, twitching to invade her tight she-pussy, but Celeste takes her time with him, letting him tongue her hole. He fucks her from behind, her ass bouncing off his dick as he thrusts into her. Celeste loves how he fucks her, moaning loudly each time his balls slam into her.

For those who love sex in public places, fast forward to this scene featuring Celeste and Danny Cannon. While leaving a high class Las Vegas club, Celeste climbs into her limo ready for some fun. Although the driver has strict instructions to take her home, Celeste tells him she wants to be fucked. Nervous about disobeying his orders and getting fired by Celeste, he quickly pulls over into an empty parking lot and whips out his hard cock for her. Reclined in the back of the limo, Celeste sucks him off. What unfolds is a steamy backseat fuckfest, with Danny plowing into Celeste in the backseat. Celeste wants more control the action, so they go outside (completely naked) while he fucks her from behind. She then gives him a fantastic blowjob while stroking him off and then after more fucking, let’s him cum all over her sweet ass.

Celeste is the kind of t-girl who always has more than one boyfriends. Guys are always fighting over her and I’m begining to think that she needs more than one lover to even attempt to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. She wants her two boyfriends to whip out their dicks and compare cock sizes. First she gives each a good tug, but then realizes the best way to compare would be to slide each in her mouth. This exercise is proving very hard to do objectively, her cock getting hard as she tries to make her decision. She decides to give in to her desires and take both boyfriends at the same time.
While sucking off one, the other tongues her she-pussy and massages her cock. She gets fucked on her back while still sucking off her other boyfriend, completely engulfed in pleasure. They switch positions and she gets fucked doggie style, her bubble ass slapping down on her boyfriend’s dick. Her other boyfriend is getting a bit jealous, so they trade off so he can have a turn. This scene is one of the hottest on the DVD (next to the previous limo scene), a threesome where both her guys just can’t get enough. They both cum all over her, dripping man milk all over her smooth body.


Amy Daly the Translesbian – Hot T-Girl on TGirl Action!

Just in time for the holidays, we have our latest release: Buddy Wood’s Amy Daly the Translesbian. If you like steamy t-girl on t-girl action, Amy Daly’s adventures will be your orgasmic wetdream! Starring Amy Daly, Kimberly Kills,  Bee Armitage, Hazel Tucker, Mandy Mitchell, and Juliette Stray. Overall, I really enjoyed the buffet of tranny-on-tranny action. Amy Daly is the perfect combination of geek, t-girl next door, and pornstar. It might seem like an odd combination to you, but it really works for Amy.

Here is my scene-by-scene breakdown:

With a name like Kimberly Kills, you can only imagine the kind of trouble Amy is about to get herself into. They met at the Tranny Awards in Los Angeles where Amy slipped Kimberly her phone number. She didn’t know what to expect, but hottie Kimberly Kills called back right away. By the time she arrives at Amy’s place, the hint of sex is already in the air. Both of them know it and there is undeniable lust in their eyes.

“What did you call me here for?” Kimberly asks.

“Hoping to get to know you a little better,” Amy answers with a smirk, as they fall on the bed together while making out. The girls pull down their tops, carressing each other’s soft tits while tonguing. Kimberly takes her time getting to know Amy’s thick cock. She slurps down on it and then kisses the tip. Their hard-ons are unmistakable, but they’re focused on going slow. Kimberly bends Amy over, spreading her ass and then thrusting into her. They switch positions and Amy goes on her back, while Kimberly fucks her deep and hard. The whole bed is shaking at this point, as both t-girls are moaning loudly.

“Break your fuckin’ headboard,” Kimberly says under her breath. After, they lie side by side and jerk off together, stroking their dicks in perfect unison. Amy reachs over to help Kimberly out and oh-so helpful Buddy Wood reaches in to help too, shoving four fingers inside Kimberly Kills tight she-pusy, all while Amy is still fingering her.  For an opening scene, this is epic beginning.

In the next scene, Amy is casually dressed in her kitchen, ready to pour herself a drink. “I think I had one too many,” she says, now topless. She’s happy to have our company, finishing her wine before slipping off her jeans and cotton panties. She strips down naked, touching herself while she takes another sip. Her cock starts growing as she fondles herself, tugging on it while rubbing her nice hormone tits.

My favorite part is when she jumps up on the counter and straddles her legs, you get the perfect view of that wet she-pussy of hers, practically begging us to be fucked. She’s jerking off quicker now, pulling on her dick and moaning so loudly that I’m sure it fills the entire room. She cums all over herself, panting loudly, her hands wet with jizz.

The next scene is every t-girl lover’s wet dream. Hazel Tucker, in pigtails, holding hands with Amy as they return from a perfect date together. They end up in the bedroom, Hazel jumping into bed and asking if Amy can help her taking off her boots. Amy obliges and then Hazel helps her take off her top. Hazel loves licking Amy’s nipples and you can see them getting hard right before your eyes. Amy leans over and flicks her tongue on Hazel’s nipples, while Hazel pulls on her tits to offer it to Amy. Hazel can’t hide her hard-on, you can see it popping out of her black panties. Amy notices this and then starts sucks her off. They 69 each other in bed, while Hazel pushes Amy’s body closer with each thrust. The best part of this scene, by far, is when Hazel pushes Amy down and starts fucking her! Not dainty fucking, I mean hardcore horny as hell fucking. The kind that ends up breaking the bed. Finally, Hazel positions herself over Amy and jerks off into her mouth. She then leans over and proceeds to suck Amy off, alternating between her tongue and squeezing her dick with her hand.

Dressed up as a school girl, Amy confesses how much she hates school. She decides to cut class so she can go home and masturbate! She rushes home and already has a hard-on as soon as she sits down! She lifts up her skirt and moves her underwear over so she can touch herself properly. This is a pretty straight forward solo masturbation scene, but bonus points for Amy’s HOT school girl outfit. I know that the sexy school girl has always been one of my favorite fantasies, so I love seeing Amy skipping around with her short pleated skirt and lunchbox.

For the next scene, it’s girls night in with Bee Armitage, Hazel Tucker, and Amy Daly playing cards together. They must all have sex on the brain because they keep blurting out sexual jokes. Bee decides to raise the stakes. “Whoever wins this game, will get 30 minutes in the bedroom with me,” she offers. Hazel and Amy’s eyes both light up.

Hazel wins and Bee takes her into the bedroom, while Amy has to wait out in the living room. While she waits, Amy decides to have a little fun of her own. Little does she know that Bee is actually watching her from behind, stroking that big stinger of hers. She slides in to sit next to Amy and they kiss while jerking each other off. Bee is only wearing her bra (no panties!) and Amy’s skirt is so short that you can see her hard-on when she stands up. They stroke and grope each other on the couch, until Bee shoots her delicious tranny milk all over Amy’s naked chest.

Mandy Mitchell is smoking a cigarette on the balcony and Amy is mesmerized by her beauty. She waves sheepishly, but Mandy Mitchell just looks at her and walks away. The mysterious stranger ends up at Amy’s door. “Hey. I saw you looking at me on the balcony,” Mandy cooes. Amy lets her in, her eyes following Mandy’s every move. They kiss in Amy’s living room and Mandy unzips Amy’s top and starts sucking on her tits. Mandy undresses her slowly, leaving Amy’s sheer panties on for last. Mandy is rock hard, her dick pointing nearly straight up, and she shoves her dick in Amy’s mouth.

Nobody has invited her, but fiery redhead Juliette Stray lets hers in to Amy’s apartment ready for action. I hear Mandy introduce Juliette as a whore, but I’m far too excited to see all three t-girls together to pay much attention to dialogue at this point. Mandy excuses herself so Juliette and Amy can talk. Amy looks a bit scared to be left alone with another stranger, but she quickly warms up to Juliette’s advances. Juliette is not shy at all and has no problem groping Amy and licking her nipples. But then, here’s the best part…Mandy comes back and it turns into a HOT t-girl threesome! They really put Juliette to good use, letting her suck Amy’s dick while Mandy fucks her from behind. But Mandy is there to fuck Amy, so she lies her down on the couch and plows in to her, while Juliette sucks on Amy’s toes and jerks herself off. The scenes ends in a tender way, with Amy, Mandy, and Juliette lying on top of each other, happy and exhausted.

Overall, if you’re looking for a title with a great cast and some droolworthy tranlesbian hardcore scenes, Amy Daly the Translesbian will be a great addition to your collection.

Get Grooby AVN Nominated DVDs for Free! Find Out How!

I’ve got some fantastic news for you! Grooby Productions got THREE nominations at the AVN’s this year. I think we’ve had nominations every year since 2002 and our shelves are overloaded with AVN awards, so much, that this year we need to clear the office to make room for the new ones!

So! Here’s what we’re going to do–we’re offering our three nominated DVDs at a discount price of only $14.99 each OR only $39.99 FOR ALL THREE (which comes out to $13.33 per DVD!)

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All you need to do, is buy the DVD/DVD’s from from this link before January 5th and contact us after the Awards have been announced, to get a full refund.

Our Nominated DVD’s:

Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day – starring Morgan Bailey, Hazel Tucker, Amy Daly, Christian … Morgan Bailey is having a bad day. She’s trying to rush to Hazel’s house (where a hot guy is waiting for her), but gets into loads of trouble on the way there. She encounters a peeping tom, a gang bang with her car mechanics, a sexy Blonde in distress, a mysterious cock in her mouth while she’s taking a pee, and the hot pizza girl ready to save the day. See what kind of trouble Morgan Bailey gets into in Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day.
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Bailey Jay is Line Trap – the most talked about girl on the internet, Bailey Jay! The “is she or isn’t she” created a viral marketing that drove people wild until it was finally revealed! Re-defining what a TS pornstar is, this is the early Bailey Jay at her best!

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Shemale Pornstar – The best of Shemale Pornstar’s, shemale pornstars featuring I believe, all previous AVN nominees. Particularly poignant given the recent tragic events, all sales of this DVD during this period will go to Jezebel’s family.

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Make Your Voice Count! Tranny Awards 2010 Nominations Now Open!


It’s that time of year again! The Tranny Awards are right around the corner, which means nominations are now open!

Celebrating the Transgender Adult Industry and those working in it – this year will be the best show and the best awards we’ve done yet.

Changes for this Year:

* Now the fans vote! No more judges, this will be a fan based competition. See The Official Tranny Awards Site for further details.
* New category added : Up & Cummer.
* Winners to be announced AT the award show.

At the time of this writing, this years event and categories are being sponsored by Grooby Productions, Krissy4u, and Tranny Access with other sponsors being added and announced in the following weeks!

At the minimum there will be at least $8000 of awards up for grabs … but before we can vote on who the winners will be, we need the nominations!

Anybody can add a nomination – you may nominate for as many people/releases in any category (separate by a comma) but don’t spam over and over, as it will have no bearing on it.

1. Model or Performer categories had to appear in at least one production that was filmed in 2010.
2. Websites must have been active for minimum 4 months in 2010.
3. Best DVD and Best DVD Director must be for a DVD released in 2010.
4. Best Up & Cummer is for a model who made a debut on a paysite in 2010.

Nominations close on 23rd December 2010.


Joey Silvera’s Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 is More Bang for your Buck!

Joey Silvera’s Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 is the latest in the popular series and I think it was a great addition to it.  I don’t know how these hot scenes can be auditions! Seriously, all of the scenes were great. All of the performers have potential to be the next Shemale Idol!

Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 has a BIG cast: Bailey Jay, Bee Armitage, Ana Paula Samadat, Ariel Everitts, Britney Markham, Fabiola Ribeiro, Raissa Nevada, Karolly Mel, and Mariam. Whew, that’s a mouthful.  This DVD has significantly more scenes than its predecessor, so you’ll have more bang for your buck with this one!

Oh, Bee Armitage! Where have you gone?  If she looks familiar, she actually did a really hot hardcore scene with Bailey Jay in Joey Silvera’s the Next Shemale Idol: Auditions DVD. Wearing a tight red dress, black arm warmers, thigh high stockings, and boots, you’ll won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen. Back indoors, she’s standing in the living room with her panties around her thighs and her big stinger hanging out. She lays back on the recliner and spreads her legs to tug on her cock comfortably. She maintains eye contact with the camera the entire time, which, I guarantee will get your own dick rock hard in no time. To tempt you further, she uses a pink leopard print dildo on herself, pushing it in slowly to her tight she-hole. She then fucks herself while jerking off at the same, nearly dripping her cum all over the screen.

Next up is Bee Armitage’s Shemale Idol partner in crime, Bailey Jay. Joey picks her up from the airport and they catch up on the car ride back to his place. She  tells him how a girl at the airport was talking shit about her because she wasn’t wearing a bra and I’m thinking, what kind of person would even  think to complain about seeing Bailey Jay without a bra? Craziness!

Back at Joey’s place, Bailey Jay teases the camera by slapping that perfect ass of hers. When she stands there, you can see that nice bulge in her white panties, showing from underneath that very short skirt of hers. She pulls out her cock and begins jerking herself off, her cock growing quickly in size with each tug. My favorite part in this scene is when she uses the dildo on herself. Her cock stays rock hard while she fucks herself, using her free hand to wrap her fingers around her throbbing dick. The dildo looks really tight sliding slowly in and out of her ass and her moans definitely show that it feels really good. I won’t give away too much, but I will say that the cumshot in this scene is fantastic.

Our next scene takes us all the way to Brazil, where blonde bombshell Karolly Mel is fixing the curlers in her hair. She’s wearing a red corset and a matching red thong. There’s always something inherently sexy about watching a t-girl get ready and Karolly Mel is no exception. She exudes sensuality even doing the simple act of removing all the curlers from her hair and brushing it with her fingertips. Even the way she says her name is sexy, you can hear the “r” roll of her tongue. I bet that alone will give you a hard-on.

If you think Karolly Mel doing everyday things is sexy, wait till she whips out that hot uncut cock of hers. She takes off her corset, exposing her beautiful swollen tits, and slowly jerks herself off while on the bed. You can tell she has a lot of sexual energy built up because it doesn’t take long for her to cum all over herself, spraying jizz all over her dick and into the air.

Raissa Nevada is smoking hot. I feel like I need to establish this first. She has a superstar model like quality about her, without being a waif. This t-girl is just the right size, the perfect mix of femininity and curves. From what I can tell, she’s in an office setting with a guy sitting behind the desk. Perhaps it’s an audition, perhaps it’s the best work day ever, who knows. She teases him, grinding her round ass on the desk and he can’t help but jerk himself off. While still in her stockings (and just her stockings), she leans over the desk to suck his dick. She then sits down on the chair and spreads her legs, giving him a great opportunity to suck on her she-lollipop. He then stands up and jerks himself off, all the while watching Raissa pull on her own cock. As their jerking gets faster and more intense, she spills her cum all over herself while he spills it all over her tits and stomach.

We are back in Brazil again, this time to see cutie Fabiola Ribeiro. She’s wearing a very tiny green bikini, nearly bursting out of her top. She doesn’t talk much during the scene, but damn does she moan. She makes sure to use one hand to rub her tits while the other pays close attention to her cock. She lies down on the bed and starts sucking on her realistic dildo, still masturbating in bed for us.

Still in Brazil, Ana Paula Samadat is wearing a black lacy bra and matching panties. She has pouty lips, a petite body, and knows how to strip for the camera. With her pink nipples peeking out of her bra, she raising her breast to her mouth to give it a lick. Some guys are really into seeing t-girls lactate and Ana Paula’s nipples produce some of the sweetest looking milk I’ve ever seen. They drip out of her perky nipples down her breast and she uses it to lubricate herself. She then sits down, legs spread, and jerks herself off. She even plays with her she-hole at the same time. When she’s done, she looks completely happy and satisfied, her cock resting against her body.

We return to the states with naughty officer Ariel Everitts. Ariel has appeared in many of our Grooby sites, including Transexdomination and Shemale Pornstar.  Ariel breaks in at Joey’s place with a report that there are a lot of cocksuckers there. “Where’s your badge?” Joey asks.

“Right under here,” she says, rubbing on the outline of her cock under her skirt. They go inside so she can investigate his place. This is a very serious matter, but Joey just can’t get his eyes off of her magnificent ass. I mean, I don’t blame him at all. She bends over so he can get a good look and she uses her own baton to massage her she-hole. She opens the front of her uniform to expose her big tits. She pulls out her cock (while still wearing her panties) and you can see that she has a much bigger baton than the one hanging from her belt.  She pulls off her panties and sits down, so you can see just how big she is. Joey sprays some extra oil on her cock, lubing it up nicely for her. She shoots out so much cum, she uses it to rub all over her smooth body.

Mariam is beautiful and exotic, marketed as the first Arabic transsexual in the industry. She’s wearing a revealing one piece (nearly a two piece) swimsuit, the color matching her make-up very nicely. She speaks a bit of Arabic for Joey and it’s incredibly sexy. She translates it for us. I love all the consonants and vowels roll off her tongue. One of the (many) things I love about Mariam is that she’s so forward and vocal at the camera. I imagine she’s a t-girl who loves talking dirty in bed. She gently strokes herself off, telling us that she wants to make us cum.  She cums all over her thigh, spraying sweet milk all over herself. “You missed one thing,” she says after she’s done. She stands up and turns around, showing off that big, round ass of hers. She’s right, her ass is nice and juicy!

LA’s  Britney Markham is the last performer in this DVD and I can see why Joey saved her for last. Britney is always a great performer, always engaging, and always sexy. To clear up a common misconception, Britney Markham is 100% Latina! She says that many people think she’s white, but her parents are actually from Mexico. She says she loves all kinds of guys, but in particular, older men because they’re passionate and can keep going even after they cum. A perfect fit for Britney since she has a voracious sexual appetite as well. She loves being a top and fucking guys. She pulls down her bra to reveal her supple breasts, playing with them for the camera. She takes her out cock and balls, cupping them while she jerks herself off. Britney is also a t-girl who loves talking dirty. She really makes you feel like you’re sitting with her in Joey’s living room, having a mutual masturbation session. She tells you exactly when she’s going to cum, shooting her jizz right into her mouth and tits! That’s talent, if you ask me. This cumshot is so good that it gets a replay to make sure you don’t miss it.

Overall, I really enjoyed Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2. Joey really made sure you got your money’s worth with a large number of performers and high quality scenes!

PK Vegas’s A Shemale for All Seasons Celebrates Your Love for Hot Tranny Sex All Year Long!

I know it seems a bit early, but you can enjoy Grooby Productions/Third World Media’s latest DVD, Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale for All Seasons even before this Christmas! I know this cover has sexy asian shemale Jules looking like the hottest elf you’ve ever seen, but I assure you, your love for shemales can last all year! It doesn’t have to be seasonal! PK Vegas has brought us FIVE awesome, themed scenes (four hardcores and one titillating solo) for your consumption! Starring Vaniity, Foxxy, Celeste, Kimberly Kills, and Jules!

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s not surprising that the first scene takes place in hell! And wouldn’t you know, the Devil is a tranny!  I give Foxxy credit for having the patience to sit through make-up for this scene.  She looks absolutely frightening as the devil and yet there’s an undeniable sexiness about her.  As Foxxy says, “hell isn’t about what YOU want, it’s about what I want and I want to fuck your ass!”  He takes out his cock for her to suck and she sucks it greedily.  Now here’s a sight I never thought I’d see, Satan with a smokin’ hot tranny body getting fuck in her sweet, tight she-hole.

After Halloween comes Thanksgiving (one of the most delicious US holidays), and it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a feast and fuckfest! Mary and Jacob are preparing the Thanksgiving feast when Indian Celeste arrives. Mary leaves to meet with the town folk and Celeste and Jacob are left alone.  “I thought she’d never leave,” Jacob says, giving Celeste a long wet kiss. “I have to shuck the corn before Mary gets back,” she explains.

“You can shuck my corn,” Jacob answers, thrusting his bulge in Celeste’s face.

Jacob fucks Celeste hard and dirty right on the Thanksgiving dinner table, holding on to her shoulder while he thrusts his cock inside of her. He fucks her super deep, her cock swinging around wildly.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, for many reasons, especially those hot slutty elves! Sin City’s Jules is a hardworking elf at Santa’s workshop.  The Grinch sneaks his way into the workshop, determined to distract elf Jules from her responsibilities and ruin Christmas. He whips out his dick and she can’t help but suck it! He bends her over and fucks her from behind right at the toy bench! I don’t know how Jules tight she-pussy was able to handle the Grinch’s thick cock.  Don’t worry, though, this story has a happy ending (and some hot threesome action). Santa returns to see what kind of trouble elf Jules has gotten herself into and decides that only one that can deflower his elf is Santa himself! He slides his cock into her mouth while the Grinch is still fucking her. Then they trade off and Santa gets a turn at plowing into elf Jules tight ass while she tries to suck the Grinch’s thick dick.  Seriously, elf Jules is probably the most helpful elf I’ve ever seen!

Let’s ring in the New Year with a solo from curvaceous t-babe, Vaniity!  You can only imagine the kind of cumtastic fireworks that come out of her! One of the many things I love about Vaniity is that she knows just how sexy she is. She just exudes sexiness and confidence, which make all the guys all at her feet. You’ll love the dirty talk in this scene as she takes her time stroking herself off for the camera. With shemale pornstar Vaniity, she’s never in a rush. She will always take her time and make sure you’re both satisfied.

The title ends on a rather amorous note. Kimberly Kills and Cupid celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Kimberly is bummed that she doesn’t have a valentine, but Cupid admits that he’s kidnapped her to keep her all to himself.  He lifts up his robe to reveal the major boner he’s been sporting since he first saw her. This is a very sensual scene, Cupid takes his time pleasuring Kimberly Kills. He loves touching her cock, reaching for it every chance he gets.  He bends her over  and slowly thrusts into her over and over again. Then the tables are turned and Kimberly gets a turn at fucking Cupid himself, lifting up his wings to plow into him properly. The scene ends with a fantastic cumshot all over Kimberly Kills beautiful face.

So there you have it. I’ve just taken you through all major holidays with five majorly hot shemales. Who says your love for trannies is just seasonal.  PK Vegas’ “A Shemale for All Seasons” proves that you can love these hotties all year long!

Check out the trailer to see what all the fuss is about!

Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day Could Be Your Best Day!

I think I’ve seen Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day at least a dozen times. Not only are there hot hardcore scenes, but the movie has such a great sense of humor. It’s fun to watch and you can tell that the cast: Morgan Bailey, Olivia Love, Amy Daly, and Hazel Tucker had a great time filming it.

Before I begin, all of these lovely girls have their own websites, so you can support them all.

Morgan Bailey’s Official Website.

Hazel Tucker’s Official Website.

Olivia Love’s Official Website.

Amy Daly’s Official Website.

Saying that Morgan Bailey is having a bad day is an understatement! She’s having a HORRIBLE day! She is awoken by a call from Hazel Tucker (who is eyeing the cute gardener while in the hot tub) who tells Morgan to hurry up and get her ass over.  Well, as morning routines go, Morgan has to take care of some morning wood before getting on with her day. She cums all over her stomach and feels refreshed, but little does she know that there’s a pervert outside her window taking care of his own wood!

She gets dressed and heads over to the repair shop to pick up her car, getting flipped off by a hottie (Amy Daly) while crossing the street.  The three repair men are drooling all over her and offer her the “quick service” to get the job done.  They waste no time stripping her naked and pushing their cocks into her mouth. “This will help me get my car quicker, right?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, sure,” he answers while she’s blowing him.  They lie her down on the hood of the car and fuck her hard, each guy groping at Morgan’s sexy body.  They all jizz all over her face while Morgan jerks herself off, but no luck, they’ll call her later about her car.

Morgan calls Hazel to tell her what just happened, but Hazel is too busy sucking the gardener’s dick! She’s quite talented to have a full on conversation and give good head at the same time.  They hang up and Morgan continues her long walk to Hazel’s house. She encounters a hot blonde, Olivia Love, crying on her stoop. She tells Morgan that her boyfriend hit her and Morgan demands they go back to the house so Morgan can confront him.

“What the fuck? What did you bring her back here for?” the boyfriend says. But before Morgan can even ask, Olivia pulls out a gun tells him to suck Morgan’s dick. NOW. And when a hot blonde like Olivia Love has a gun in her hand,  you better listen to what she says.  The scene progresses into a hot threesome with Olivia, Morgan, and the boyfriend, both of them eager to be pleased. He fucks Morgan’s tight she-hole until he cums and then wouldn’t you know…it was a fake gun and just a play between lovers.  Poor Morgan has been fucked again. Literally!

Morgan digs outta there as quickly as she can in search of a cocktail. She calls Hazel, who’s being fucked by the gardener, and Hazel reminds her to hurry. Morgan slips in to a nearby bar to get a drink and use the bathroom, but while she’s sitting on the toilet, she’s fucked in the face by a mysterious dick! Don’t you hate dark bathrooms?!  Don’t worry, though, Morgan sucks a mean cock, taking the entire length in her wet mouth. She spreads her legs and then sits on the stranger’s cock, her own cock swinging around like a tetherball!  When she leaves the bar,  the hottie from earlier, Amy Daly, asks if Morgan needs a ride.

“Come on over,” she tells Amy. “My friend has a hot gardener waiting.”

“Nah, that’s not really my thing,” Amy shrugs. “And I gotta go to work.”

“Oh okay, well, maybe next time.”  She drops of Morgan at Hazel’s house and Morgan is ready to be fucked!

Hazel smirks when she answers the door. “Sorry, he left already.”

“What?!” I can see Morgan is having flashbacks of her fucktastically bad day.  They decide to end the day with celebratory shots. And more shots. And more shots.  Morgan is bummed that the gardener is gone, but it’s okay, Hazel has got it all under control! She’s ordered pizza.

“But I don’t have any money,” Hazel says.

“It’s okay,” Morgan winks.

Morgan opens the door and lo and behold, it’s Amy Daly, the hot pizza delivery girl. They waste no time to get her inside and in the bedroom and what ensues is just sinfully delightful! If you love some shemale on shemale action, your head is going to explode during this scene. Nothing is hotter than seeing three sexy t-girls seduce each other.

Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day is fantastic and definitely one to add to the collection.

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Pre-Order Shemale Pornstar – A Shemale for All Seasons Starts Now!

Something spicy from Sin City’s PK Vegas! Grooby Productions and Third World Media presents Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale for All Seasons. FIVE AMAZING holiday themes, further proof that your love for sexy shemales is all year long! Starring Vaniity, Foxxy, Kimberly Kills, Celeste, and Jules, plenty to drool over!

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Meet Star Morgan Bailey September 18 in New York City!

Stay tuned, later this week I will be posting up my full review of Grooby Productions latest title, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day. In the meantime, I want to give a heads up to all you east coast people! Here’s your chance to meet star Morgan Bailey in NYC. So get your asses to NYC on September 18th for the Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day DVD Release party!

The Allanah Starr/Shemale Yum monthly party is quickly approaching (September 18, 2010), so make sure to mark your calendars accordingly! Last month’s party was a hit, with special guest Hazel Tucker. This month we have another amazing performer, Morgan Bailey! She’ll be there promoting her latest DVD, Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day.

There will be tons of hot dancers, live music by THAT Moment, not to mention drink specials all night! For the first 20 customers, you’ll get a FREE DVD!

Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day DVD Release Party
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