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Transsexual Porn Queen Vaniity Launches Official Solo Site!

I know this site is mainly reserved for DVD reviews, but I thought this announcement was too important to pass up! TS Vaniity has just launched her own solo site through Shemale Club. TS Vaniity is one of the most well known performers in the industry, but you won’t see her face everywhere.  Vaniity is careful about marketing herself and she makes sure that the trail of guys drooling after her remains loooooong.

This site is brand spanking new, so I’m giving you guys the inside scoop.  Check out the hot updates that have already gone up on her site!


Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day Raises the Bar for Shemale Porn! Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

THIS is the DVD to keep an eye out for. Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day has all of your favorite performers: Morgan Bailey (of course),  Olivia Love, Amy Daly, and Hazel Tucker (who wasn’t on Transexdomination, but would be hot as a mistress).

I’ve been fortunate to see this in advance and it is FANTASTIC. It’s the perfect balance of style, humor, and hot shemales fucking! Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day isn’t out until September 6, 2010, BUT you can pre-order your copy today at Shemale Video Direct!

Morgan Bailey is having a bad day. She’s trying to rush to Hazel’s house (where a hot guy is waiting for her), but gets into loads of trouble on the way there. She encounters a peeping tom, a gang bang with her car mechanics, a sexy Blonde in distress, a mysterious cock in her mouth while she’s taking a pee, and the hot pizza girl ready to save the day. See what kind of trouble Morgan Bailey gets into in Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day.

Watch the exclusive trailer below!

Shemale Strokers 41 – Fresh Cast, Horny Girls, Splooge Galore!

Shemale Strokers 41 is the latest installment from Mancini’s popular series and proves that its doing better than ever. He’s chosen a great cast for this DVD: Britney Markham, Bee Armitage, Farah Dee, Hera, Cara, Amy Daly, and Kimberly Kills. This DVD is pretty long (like some of these cocks, ha ha) at about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  There’s a little something for everybody in this DVD–all of the girls proved to be great performers.

Below is my scene-by-scene break down:

Zoom in, close up on Britney Markham ass as she saunters into the room. She asks, “do you want me to get my cock hard for you?” And of course, we do! She pulls it out in a conveniently placed hole in her panties and begins stroking herself off. You know what I love about Britney Markham? She loves talking dirty, just hearing her for a few minutes will surely get your dick hard as her grows in size as well. She squats to give us the perfect view of her ass and then starts fingering herself! She jerks herself off in a variety of positions until she cums all over her chest, spraying her milk all over her naked body.

Bee Armitage tells a great story about discovering her sexuality at a young age. She has such a great punk look about her. She says she gets hot thinking about all the guys thinking about her while she jerks off. Oh, if only she knew! Seriously, that stinger on Bee is quite distracting and long. She strokes herself using her gloved hands, and then moving lower to her tight she-hole. She lies back on the pool table she’s sitting on and tugs on her cock while looking directly at the camera, she never breaks away, and it’s super hot.

Kimberly Kills is one of the kinkiest performers out there right now. She really seems to have an anything goes kind of attitude about her and it’s fucking hot. While wearing lingerie and thigh high stockings, Kimberly Kills squeezes her breasts while taking a glance at herself in the mirror. Her dick is hard as soon as her scene starts and it’s mesmerizing to see her swing that cock around.

Farah Dee has a glamorous look that’s hard to ignore. Dressed in a very short skirt, high boots, and big sunglasses, she’s mysterious and sexy all in the same breath. She gives her bubble ass a nice slap while spreading her legs in front of the camera. She asks us if we like her outfit and I’m sure she knows the answer to that. She describes what she’d do to us lucky guys and let me tell you, this sexy shemale is such a tease! She likes to take her time, she likes to be in control, and I can’t think of anything hotter.

Cara TS hails from the San Francisco Bay area. This recent college graduate majored in languages and I bet her tongue is skilled from pronouncing all those hard consonants. She’s a self-proclaimed newbie, but what she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for it in fantasies! And although she claims to be new to this, she’s certainly proves to be an expert at giving herself a good whackoff.

Next up we have LA’s finest translesbian, Amy Daly (who has her own solo site). I can only guess what type of trouble we’re in for when we step into her dungeon. The cute girl next door that we know Amy as is not to been seen anywhere, instead we have a hot and horny mistress waiting for us. For the foot fetish lover, you’re going to love this. Mistress Amy has requested a foot massage. Amy Daly is in her finest S&M gear, a tight corset, garter belt, and a thick cock!

The beautiful TS Hera wraps up the DVD, looking strangely sexy in pig tails and a Betty Page type haircut.  She actually looks like a hot pin-up model, fair skinned with a bit of punk rock appeal.  Hera has got a sweet voice and when she talks it almost sounds like she’s cooing in your ear. She really knows how to jerk herself off, occasionally pushing the base of her cock against her balls. I can definitely see why they saved Hera for last. She loves talking dirty and never lets up from doing so, her erect nipples definitely drawing attention to her soft breasts. She finishes her scene with a glorious cumshot all over herself.

Definitely a great solo DVD if you want a fresh and super horny cast!

Joey Silvera’s the Next Shemale Idol 2 – Killer Cast, Fantastic Fuck Scenes!

Okay, so I just got finished watching Joey Silvera’s latest title, The Next Shemale Idol 2. This DVD has Bailey Jay’s FIRST HARDCORE SCENE and with none other than hottie Bee Armitage! Joey’s picked a great cast for this DVD, it feels a bit like a big Shemale Yum party! Bailey Jay, Bee Armitage, Domino Presley, Jessica Fox, Karolly Mel, and Naudy Nadia.  Mostly American, with one hot Brazilian t-babe, and one horny as hell black t-girl.

Uh oh, here comes trouble and her name is Bailey Jay, sauntering across the parking lot. This is a monumental occasion for her because today is her first hardcore scene. She’s picked the t-girl of her choice (sexy Bee Armitage) and after a short interview outside, her and Joey are on the way to find Bee.

Back at the place, the girls are in their bras and you can tell they’re a bit nervous. Bailey slips down Bee’s bra and takes her time licking her nipples. Seriously, this scene is about to unfold as a tranny punk lover’s wetdream. Bailey seems almost enamored with Bee, surprised and titillated as she runs her hands across her body.

They take turns suck each other’s growing cocks and then Bailey pushes Bee down, spreads her cheeks, and licks her wet asshole, getting her ready for her cock. She lays Bee on her side and starts pounding into her, while they tongue each other like a pair of horny teenagers. The grand finale has Bee cumming all over Bailey’s face while Bailey strokes herself off, followed by Bailey spraying her milk all over Bee’s face, licking it up.

Next up is Naudy Nadia, a fresh faced 18 year old ready to play. If she looks familiar, it’s because she was featured in Black Shemale Idol: the Auditions.  Seeing her again, just five months from when that was shot, she looks completely different and definitely more grown up.

She’s seductive looking in white, her pouty lips perfectly glossed. Her hair is darker now (and longer) and she seems more at ease this time. She’s confident and it shows; it’s downright sexy. She says she wants to come today and before she can finish her sentence, here comes Diezel happy to help. He’s eager to suck her dick and she loves talking dirty to him. She pushes down his head to take the entire length of her cock in his mouth.

It’s hard to believe Naudy Nadia is only 18. She definitely knows how to take command of her cock as she fucks Diezel like a jackhammer. He’s gripping on to the couch to hold on because she’s plowing into him so hard. They switch roles and Diezel is ready to fuck her, watching Nadia’s phat ass bouncing on his dick. He cums into a wine glass, filling it up more than I’d expect, and then Naudy Nadia comes in and drinks it up!

Man, oh man, have you seen the ass on Brazilian babe Karrolly Mel? You could bounce quarters off her fantastic ass. She doesn’t speak much English (from what I gather), but there is no need for words. She has such presence on camera, it’s mesmerizing. Her guy happily slurps up her cock in his mouth as she slaps it against his face. She’s so horny that her cock is actually curving slightly upwards as if to edge its way into his mouth.

She fucks her guy from behind and shows no mercy, taking her time with her thrusts because she knows she can. Even when she lets him fuck her, she’s doing all of the work, jiggling his ass down on his cock.

Domino Presley is a hot up and cummer and I’m definitely excited to see how her career progresses. Domino knows exactly how to get Christian interested in her. She asks to his use his computer upstairs and instead uses it as an opportunity to slip into something a bit more…revealing. Christian, of course, can’t resist her when she saunters into the kitchen looking for him.

He immediately begins sucking her off as she slaps her cock against his mouth. You think this might mean Domino is going to fuck him, but Christian wants her she-pussy way too bad to let her out of sight. He turns her around and begins pounding her from behind. Christian really lays into her without any signs of stopping and finally, she cums hard while he’s still inside of her!

Jessica Fox finishes up the DVD and she looks absolutely stunning in her little red dress. She’s so hot, that even while being interviewed, her guy can’t get his hands off of her. She likes teasing him, making him take his time with her as she pulls down her panties to reveal her delicious cock. It actually hits him in the face when she whips it out!

She poses herself above his ass and slowly thrusts into him, giving his ass a good spank! She decides she’d rather have him suck her off, so she pushes his face down on her as he gags down on her hard cock. She strokes herself off while he licks her nipples, then busts her load into his face and all over her stomach. Being the nice girl that she is, she reaches over to jerk her guy off too. They’re both happy and covered in cum.

Great cast, great scenes, seriously.

Here’s Your Chance to Meet in XXX Star Hazel Tucker in NYC~!

Hello everyone! I have a bit of news to report–Shemale Yum and Allanah Starr are teaming together to bring you all a monthly nightlife event for t-girls and their friends!

The kick off will be Saturday, August 14 with XXX Star Hazel Tucker making her first ever apperance on the East Coast!

It’s going to be HOT night w/ all night entertainment from 10PM-4AM.
DVD giveaways and COMPLIMENTARY Drinks for ALL!!!


Shemale Yum & Allanah Starr Present:
Saturday, August 14
Reform School Tranny Girls

When these girls are bad, they’re BETTER!

Starring All American Girl Next Door XXX Star, Special Grooby Guest,
Hazel Tucker
Appearing LIVE from 11:30PM-3:00AM

With Dancers, FREE BARCARDI LIMON SHOTS, Two For One House Cocktails & $4 Bud Lights Until Midnight, Free DVD’s For The First 20 Customers, & Much More!

Dress code for ladies: School Girl Or Teacher!

@ Fusion Lounge
8181 10 Ave.
(Btw 54 & 55 St).
From 10PM-4AM


Black Shemale Idol: the Auditions – Cumtastic Solo Action!

I didn’t know what to expect when I was handed Joey Silvera’s newest DVD, Black Shemale Idol: the Auditions. I had all these funny image of my favorite black tgirls singing or having jerk off contests with each other. Well, I’m glad my mental image was wrong. What the DVD contained was actually 10 times hotter than I expected!

Natalia Coxxx kicks off the DVD with her pierced nipples exposed for the camera. Talk about making a great first impression for She-male Idol. Wearing a cut-up undershirt and tight jeans, Natalia lets her panties peek out at the back. Natalia takes her time undressing, oiling herself up as her cock grows quickly in size. She’s a great performer, even if it’s just herself, giving us exactly what we want to see—her phat ass and delicious cock!

Britney Fox is up next, as they meet in the park. The camera guy seems quite enamored by her, saying “oh my god” every two minutes as he checks her out. I mean, who can blame him, she’s beautiful. While he’s survey her perfect toes, he comes back up to see her sucking on a cock shaped lollipop. He asks if she can fit the whole thing in her mouth (and she does!), so without missing another minute, he follows her back to his place to show off her sexiest outfit. I don’t want to give too much away here, but Britney Fox looks incredibly hot as she descends down the staircase in her lingerie. She pulls out her cock and she uses her handy dildo nearby to fuck herself in her she-hole, letting the ribbed edges massage her. Watch as she erupts cum all over herself in her grand finale.

Next comes ebony shemale Jayla, posing outside in some tight jeans and a tank top, accentuating her best features (read: tits, hips, and ass!). Once inside, Jayla takes off her top and poses in a lacy red bra, her breasts practically spilling out. She pulls on her breasts and licks her nipple with her own tongue, getting them hard right before your eyes. She strips down naked and begins stroking herself off and all you’ll think about are those dick-sucking lips of her, perfect and pouty, tempting you as she jerks off. She cums right on the camera, leaving drops of cum behind and then licks her lips, “Mmmm. Tasty.”

Jessica Dawson has legs for days and I will tell you now, she hates wearing panties. She likes her cock to be able to grow and move however it likes. Wearing tight fishnet stockings, you can see her cock starting to push through while she talks on camera and you can’t help but wonder what she must be fantasizing about then. Jessica is slender and tall, very natural looking. You don’t quite know just how big her dick is until she frees it from her stockings. It’s huge! It has perfect girth and a cock head that responds to her every touch. When she cums, she splashes hot milk all over herself, effectively ruining her stockings. But at least she’s satisfied, swirling the cum on her finger and then using it like chapstick on her lips.

Mia Isabella is French, Jamaican, and Puerto Rican. That’s what it says immediately after the scene begins, because if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why she’s so damn gorgeous and exotic looking. Mia is just oozing with star appeal, wearing a flashy bikini and thigh high stockings. Mia doesn’t say much in the beginning, but honestly, she doesn’t have to. She looks good and she knows you will only be paying attention to her hot body anyway. And let me tell you, when Mia strokes her LONG cock, you’re going to go nuts. Her cumshot, just like her cock, is EPIC.

The tagline next to Sex Kitten’s picture on the back cover of the DVD cover is “hot, horny, and hung!” I figured it applied to all of the girls (which it does), but it ESPECIALLY applies to Sex Kitten. When she takes out her cock, it’s not even at full mast and it’s HUGE! She also has a really big, bubble ass that will tempt you as she shakes it. This little sex kitten loves playing with her tight she-hole when she jerks herself off and you can even see it pulsating with each tug.

Lola Bonnie is all decked on in skimpy lingerie too. She’s such a smart contestant; she knows exactly how to get guys drooling over her. As the line “her name was lola, she was a show girl” played through my head, I was completely mesmerized by her. She was gentle with her cock, but it definitely responded to her touch. Lola’s cumshot is pretty impressive as well, she squirts her white tranny milk all over her sweaty body.

Tameka is slender and serious looking, but has a pretty round ass considering her petite frame. She doesn’t even realize the camera is on and as she walks away, she just oozes with sensuality. When the camera man tells her it wasn’t recording, she’s a bit embarrassed, but damn…she’s sexy. Tameka has been living as a girl since she was just 15 and she’s so incredibly passable that you won’t believe she’s a shemale until she drops her pants! She has a thick uncut dick that lubes itself up nicely when she starts touching it. Her cock looks big when it’s limp, but when it’s hard, you won’t believe how long it is. You almost wonder if she needs to stroke herself off with two hands! Tameka has a great body and small natural titties, plus a face that would make a guy cum just by a single look from her. My favorite part of this scene is when Tameka uses a realistic dildo on herself. She’s pulling on her own cock while tonguing the dildo. I love when she finally pushes that dildo up her sweet ass!

Naudy Nadia has a fresh face; she looks like she’s just turned 18. She has part-school girl charm and part something much wilder. As soon as the scene starts, you can see her sweet balls hanging out of her purple panties. Her tits are exposed and her nipples are rock hard. Naudy Nadia is a black tgirl who doesn’t like to waste any time. I think the thing I love most about Nadia is her ass. She can do crazy things with her bootylicious rump. She gets to shake without much movement on her part, as if it had a mind of her own! She’s a kinky t-girl—she cums into a wine glass and then proceeds to lick it all up!

If you like hot, ebony shemales jerking off, Joey Silvera’s Black Shemale Idol will definitely satisfy you. The DVD is packed with a large cast and runs about 2 ½ hours long! As the movie boasts, these hunnies are hot and hung! You be the judge of who should be the next Black Shemale Idol!


Shemale Pornstar Natalia Coxxx – She Fucks and Gets Fucked the Same! Deep, Intense, Hard!

These are the scenes that started it all. Natalia  Coxxx’s first hardcore scenes since her debut on Black TGirls. She’s also the Black Tgirls 2009 Model of the Year, proving to be an extremely popular girl in a short amount of time. Natalia’s presence has blown up in the industry, but we have the scenes that started at all. Even in the beginning, you can see how horny Natalia is. She’s a versatile performer who can fuck as well as she can be fucked. She’s someone that gives it her all–when you fuck her, you fuck hard and deep, and when she fucks you, you can except the same.

The movie starts with  Natalia lying in bed with John Magnum. He wastes no time slipping off her dress and paying attention to those pierced nipples of hers! You can tell he’s anxious to fuck her, and I mean, who can blame her. They 69 each other, slurping down each other’s cocks greedily.  When’s hard enough, he flips her on her stomach and plunges into her tight ass. You can tell she’s not used to having such a big cock inside of her, as she moans loudly for him to go slower. With her hands behind her back, her jackhammers her over and over again. You can tell Natalia is starting to get comfortable because they switch positions and she rides Magnum like a bucking horse.

If you’ve ever imagined that ebony shemale Natalia Coxxx would be a great dominatrix, look no further. She’s dressed in a tight vinyl skirt and chain/leather top, her tits clear exposed for her boytoy to drool over. She’s in a bad mood in the dungeon and has no patience for her guy, whipping him mercilessly as he licks her body.  The harder she lashes him, the more it turns her on, until her cock is rock hard and sticking straight out. She then makes him suck her cock anyway as he gags on the length of that thick rod. She soon fucks her boytoy on his back with his legs up, squeezing his balls as if it were a chewtoy! If you want to see a hot tranny in action, Natalia Coxxx is going to make your cock rise to attention.

Natalia’s second boy toy is kind of a smart ass. She is clearly losing her patience with him and wants to punish him for speaking out of turn. He refuses to suck her cock, shaking his face away, but she slaps that thick piece of meat on his face until he complies.  She decides she’s not done having her way with him and flips him on his back as well, this time ramming into him with no signs of stopping. Her boytoy is gritting his teeth, hoping for relief, but Mistress Natalia is in no mood to pleasure him, only herself. His hands and feet are in restaints, so he can’t get away. So all he can do is let her have her way with him as he strokes his own cock.

The next scene has Natalia in a pretty bedroom, extremely horny and ready to suck Slade’s dick. She’s sensual as she takes his cock in her mouth, massaging his balls with her tongue. Just stroking him off has  gotten her rock hard and he can’t get enough of her. Although he’s not used to having trannies top him, he wants Natalia’s thick cock inside of him so badly that he begs her to fuck him. She pushes her dick inside of him slowly while stroking off his own, slowly picking up the pace with each thrust. Slade’s cock is thumping against his stomach as she fucks him, so he flips her on her back and fucks her until she cums delicious milk all over herself. Slade is so turned on that he cums all over her as she tries to catch some in her mouth.

The final scene is my favorite because she uses a fleshlight on her sweet dick. She’s never used one before, so John Magnum pushes it slowly down on her cock. She’s so horny by how it feels, she starts thrusting into it. They take turns fucking each other and you can Natalia has found her stride, as they alternate being the aggressor. To live things up, Magnum fucks her in a position you probably only learn in gymnastics, with her lying practically upside on the floor, pushing his cock down into her! She cums all over herself and in her mouth as he’s fucking her, the perfect way to end this DVD.


America’s Next Top Tranny Season 6 – All-Star Fuckfest!

America's Next Top Tranny Season 6America's Next Top Tranny Season 6

I’ve been waiting to review America’s Next Top Tranny Season 6 for quite some time now. I heard through the grapevine about it, anxious to see Shemale Yum’s Amy Daly in action.  In fact, the whole cast is kind of like an all-star Shemale Yum line-up: Astrid Shay, Jesse, Celeste, and Amy Daly, which one getting a chance to shine in their hardcore scene.

The DVD begins with a black and white style striptease from Jesse. Wearing a very short skirt and top, she’s swinging around the pole, exposing that sweet package of hers. Of course, she’s not dancing just for us (wouldn’t that be nice?), there’s a lucky guy right in front who can’t keep his hands off himself while she gyrates against the pole.

The two of them have their eyes glued on each other, but seriously, your eyes will just be fixated on Jesse’s cock. Seriously, that thing is huge. In fact, it’s so big that the poor guy can’t fit the entire length of her cock in his mouth.

One of the things that makes Jesse such a great performer is that she gets so into it and it shows. When her guy straddles himself on top of her, you can see her grabbing on to his ass to pound him as deep as she can. She’s working her big cock inside of him, determined to stretch him out. The poor guy has no idea what he’s in store for when she starts thrusting–he looks like he’s about to explode and then soon after she does as well…all over his face.

The scene I’ve been excited to watch is with Astrid Shay and Up and Cummer, Amly Daly. Separately two of them are hot, but together, it’s a t-girl lover’s fantasy. Astrid is definitely the dominant one in this scene, reaching her in down Amy’s skirt to get a feel of her throbbing she-cock. She helps Amy pull down her skirt and then immediately wraps her lips around her rock hard cock. Amy returns the favor by tonguing Astrid’s wet she-hole and then things really start to heat up in bed.

Both girls are playful in bed and it shows. They decide to 69 each other, while Amy fingers Astrid’s she-pussy. This is probably one of my favorite t-girl lesbian hardcore scenes in a while. Confirming my guesses that Astrid would be the top in this scene, she spreads Amy’s legs to enter her. She goes slow at first, guiding her cock inside her, and it’s clear to see that it’s super tight. Then, in a surprise move, Amy gets her turn to fuck Astrid! Astrid is totally receptive, moaning loudly to encourage Amy while she pushes her cock inside of her.

When Celeste walks into a room, people notice. She’s the kind of t-girl you can’t keep your eyes off of. She goes to the repair shop to get her car fixed, but does that scam that all hot girls do, and says she doesn’t have much money. The mechanic is easily swayed and decides he wants to check under Celeste’s hood, making a joke that she’s probably done this before. But before Celeste can really answer, she reaches down to feel his soft cock, it already starts growing in her hand! She pulls down her skirt to tease him with a nice view of her bubble ass and then proceeds to give his dipstick a nice once over.

Marcus the Mechanic fucks her right there in the auto shop, pounding her sweet ass while she holds on to the back of the SUV he was working on. The sound of his balls hitting her ass and her deep moaning echoes loudly in the auto shop. He then lays her down in the back of the SUV with her legs spread, grabbing on to her thighs as he fucks her with Celeste talking dirty the whole time. He squirts his milk all over her face and she takes it with a smile.

Astrid Shay returns, but this time she’s making out with Christian. After her wet and heavy session with Amy Daly, she decides she wants to be fucked again. She just gobbles down Christian’s cock and then lets him suck on hers, bringing it to life. Astrid wastes no time, she wants to be fucked and she wants to be fucked now! She bends over on the couch, spreading her she-hole for him to fuck and he dives right in.

Christian pushes his long cock all the way inside of her, then lets her sit on him so she can control just how deep his cock is in her. She gyrates her big ass on him, begging for more, letting her cock spin with each push.

Overall, I was pleased with America’s Next Top Tranny #6, although it would have been nice to see the girls holding a whip or two in their scenes! What can I say, I’m a sucker (or slave, depending how you see it) for a hot tranny in control.


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Wendy Williams is Addicted to Big, Black Cocks!

wendy williams all about dark meatts wendy williams dvd

Well, if there are two things I’ve learned that Wendy Williams is addicted to, it’s big black cock and big black cock orgies! “All About Dark Meat” is the latest release from red-headed vixen, Wendy Williams, and features 4 raunchy interracial scenes!

Wendy Williams was the AVN 2009 TS performer of the Year, she runs her own production company, and has been featured on many of our Grooby sites, including Transexdomination VOD where she tossed around her slave like a ragdoll.  In “All About Dark Meat“, though, these big-dicked black guys are in control and she’s at their mercy!

The first scene jumps right into action, with Wendy and her hung black guy going at it. She generously sucks his cock, taking her time slurping him up. She loves the way he tastes, paying particular attention to his throbbing cock head. When he’s about to burst from excitement, he has Wendy lie back on the desk. He props her legs up and then plunges his cock into her tight she-pussy, fucking her in even thrusts. He turns her over to fuck her from behind and he has a hard time fitting that chocolate ram inside of her. She has to actually spread her she-pussy for him to be able to push all the way inside of her. He pounds into her ass and you can tell Wendy is feeling overwhelmed by his dick inside of her. Still he proceeds to push into her, trying not to hurt her with his thick dick. Eventually he cums all over her bust chest, the white jizz blanketing her skin. Wendy finishes herself off, the cum dripping out of her cock-head and onto her body.

The second scene in this DVD is a full-blown (har har) interracial orgy! Whoo hoo–just what I was waiting for. There are at least four guys there and only one Wendy, luckily though, Wendy has a girl fluffer there ready to help her suck these guys off. These girls have their work cut out for them because these guys are sticking their dicks in their faces, anxious for a turn. Things start to get intense when one lucky stud gets to plant his meat inside of Wendy, pounding her like crazy while she sucks another guy’s cock. The switch positions to give everyone a turn and Wendy rides her guy, with the other two jerk off above her. The fucking  continues, while the fluffer keeps the other guys hard and horny, but it’s not hard to do since they all have their eyes glued to Wendy. The grand finale as all four guys squirting their man juice all over Wendy while she pinches her own nipples. I bet you’re wishing she saved you place to join in, too!

The third scene definitely caught my attention because Wendy has that “come hither” look on her face as she drops her panties on the floor.  “You want to see where I do dirty things at?” she asks. “My own dirty bookstore.” The is answer is, of course, fuck yes. So we follow her down a long hallway, but she’s  teasing us every step of the way. Showing off that hot ass of hers and tugging on her cock. She turns the corner to go into one of the booths and starts massaging her dick for the camera. She wanders into another room where she’s met by a ready and willing well-hung guy, his dick already rock hard by the time it touches Wendy’s lips. He wants to show his appreciation, so he takes her cock in his mouth and sucks her dry, then tongues her she-pussy as deep as he can go. He’s trying to prepare her for his cock, but nothing can really prepare her for it. It takes him a while to put himself all the way inside of her. He takes his time, using his hand to guide his fat dick inside of her. Her legs are straddled wide so he can push deeper inside of her and he gyrates his body so she can feel just how thick he is! He soon pulls out of her to make himself cum, watching intently as she Wendy pinches her nipples. He shoots his milk all over her busty tits, with each stroke squirting out a thick stream of jizz.

The last scene feels like a satisfying, horny surprise. You have no idea what to expect, but you know it’s going to be good. They’re interviewing a guy, where he explains that he wants to do something special for Wendy, so he called a bunch of his friends and hid them in the house. He’s going to give her the “chocolate exposure”, which can only mean trouble. When Wendy comes over, you can see the wheels in her guy’s head turning. He’s secretly trying to figure out how Wendy’s she-pussy is going to handle all of the horny guys waiting in the shadows to have her. He likes being in control, slapping her ass when she touches her tits without permission. He comes back with a blindfold to cover her eyes and then teases her with his cock. He takes out the leather paddle and begins slapping her ass and she asks if she can touch her tits. Wendy can’t see what’s going on, but you can tell she loves how it feels, her ass twitching with each lash. Then while he teases her with his cock, he does the ol’ switch-a-roo and one of his friends comes out of the shadows to get sucked off. Then the next guy comes out, his cock bigger than the first, ready to get his chocolate dick sucked. Wendy sucks these guys off like a champ and you can tell each one waiting gets jealous to not have her lips around their dicks. When Wendy takes off the blindfold, she’s surprised, but you can tell the idea of having so many men turns her on. She bends over and lets one of them fuck her from behind, while the ring leader pushes his cock in her willing mouth.

“I love black cock,” Wendy cries out between moans.One guy cums all over her ass and the other jizzes on her face, but it leaves the ringleader who still needs to bust a load. He pushes his hard cock inside of her very slowly, being careful not to hurt her. He uses his hand to guide it inside of her, Wendy’s face overwhelmed with desire. He speeds up his pace while Wendy jerks herself off, pushing his cock in as deep as he can. She asks for him to shoot his load in her face and he gladly obliges. She sucks on his balls to help him cum and he spills his jizz all over her cheek and down her neck. He pushes his soft dick inside of her and she tugs on her dick until she cums all over herself, moaning loudly while he’s still in her mouth. “Is my black dick training done for today?” she asks, satisfied and exhausted.

Just for today, who knows about tomorrow.

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Club Kimber James 1 DVD – The Ultimate Kimber James Fuckfest!

Club Kimber James 1 DVDClub Kimber James 1 DVD

Transsexual Superstars Club Kimber James I is all about Kimber James fuckfest of a DVD! If you love Kimber (and I’m sure there are many like me who do), this is one to add to your collection. Kimber is looking hotter than ever and she’s ready to play. In my opinion, this is the Ultimate Kimber DVD (next to Buddy Wood’s Kimber James DVD–which came first). This DVD has six scenes (four hardcore scenes, technically five since there is POV fuck scene, and 1 solo scene).  I was excited to watch it–I’m a big fan of Kimber’s and I will repeat what I’ve said about her in the past, despite her size, she can really take a dick!

The DVD kicks off with a hot POV fuck scene. Kimber is sitting in bed with her guy, her gigantic tits practically falling out of her bra. She strokes her guy’s thighs and admits that she’s really horny. She slips out her bra and begins fondling herself, then unzips his pants to suck his hard cock. You’ll feel as if she’s wrapping her juicy lips around your own with each magnificent slurping sound! She turns around to ride her man’s prized cock, his dick so big that he has a hard time thrusting deep into her tight she-pussy. She’s spreading her ass cheeks wide, determined to take his entire length inside of her, moaning in ecstasy! To gain momentum, he flips her on her back and pounds into her, pulling out for a cumtastic grand finale!

Next up is Kimber and Brynn Tyler. Kimber looks fantastic with dark brown hair, like a slutty little vixen wanting some trouble. Blonde GG babe Brynn Tyler comes over and they have an intense makeout scene–the stuff dreams are made of! What could be hotter than two goregous girls all over each other? Brynn is all about enjoying Kimber’s hot body and she takes her time touching her, caressing her perky nipples and flicking her tongue on them.You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the television when watching this scene. And here’s the twist: Brynn fucks Kimber with a huge strap-on! Kimber rides her like a champ, pushing that dildo up her she-pussy so deep! You can see the pre-cum just oozing out!

Christian wastes no time feeling up Kimber, clad in a skin tight black bikini. You can already see the outline of her hard-on through her bikini bottom!  He worships her body, spending extra time on those delicious tits of hers. Kimber loves his tongue bathing her nipples and her erect cock is definite proof of that! She then sucks on his thick dick, greedily slurping him up! They 69 each other and Christian can hardly contain his moaning as Kimber inhales his cock in her mouth. To reward her, he thrusts his huge cock in her tiny she-pussy, going deeper and deeper with each push. Kimber’s cock is rock hard and slapping against her stomach as he fucks her, all while they tongue each other. He turns her over to fuck her from behind and he takes her time pounding her. His thrusts go faster, deeper, and finally he cums all over her round tits, dripping down to her thighs.

New guy Lobo is absolutely fascinated with Kimber’s tits. He just can’t get enough of her, saying they’re “big and round and tasty.” He loves playing with her nipples, gently pinching them and pushing her tits together (every guy’s dream)!  She sits down on Lobo’s lap and they stroke cocks together, before she rides him like the horny cowgirl that she is! She bounces on his dick so hard that you think he might split her into two, but you know that our girl Kimber can take a cock! Kimber’s hard cock is swinging around like a clock hand and she’s moaning wildly. What a great raunchy hardcore scene!

For all you fetish lovers, there’s an interesting stocking play solo scene with Kimber. She’s dressed as a slutty secretary (my favorite kind!)  wearing a pair of thigh high hot pink striped stockings. She’s wearing a pair of black lace panties and she pulls her cock out to give it a good tug. She strokes her cock while playing with her nipples, but she soon decides she needs some help. Enter Kimber’s trusty pink dildo. She pushes it up her she-pussy while she jerks herself out, massaging her balls. This is one of the shorter scenes, but if you love seeing a hot girl stroking herself off as the slutty secretary, you’ll be pleased.

Last, but not least, is a hardcore scene with Kimber and her hung friend, Maui. Talk about Maui Wowie, when she takes out his cock, you can tell it takes her breath away. She’s happy to suck on his cock, getting it ready for the pleasure it’s about to give her! He tittyfucks her as she pushes her breasts together to give him lots of friction. He thrusts into her, giving her a sneak peek at what’s to cum. When she finally lets him thrust inside of her, you can tell she has to take deep breaths! She’s never had such a huge cock inside of her before! He lets her ride him, so she can control how deep his cock goes. But soon enough, she’s pushing herself down on it as deep as she can! They change positions and by the time he cums all over her, he looks like he’s about to explode! It’s really the perfect way to end the scene, sweaty and overwhelmed with desire.

Overall, I was pleased with Club Kimber James I. The fact that they’ve numbered it makes me hope there will be more of Kimber and that tight body of hers in the future!

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