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For all you following the DVD reviews on this site, I thought you’d be interested to know that the 2010 AVN Awards are just around the corner and some of YOUR favorite DVDs/models might be nominated as well!

Grooby Productions is pleased to announce that our title  Buddy Wood’s Hazel Does Hollywood has been nominated for BEST Transsexual Series and also BEST Transsexual release! Not only that, but PK Vegas’ TranSexDomination has also been nominated for BEST Transsexual Release!

In celebration of our nominations, we’re throwing a big a sale at Shemale Video Direct where you can get other nominated titles for cheap! We’ll be adding more titles daily, so keep checking Shemale Video Direct  for a complete listing!

For a full listing of all the AVN nominees, go here.

Best Transsexual Release
America’s Next Top Tranny 3, Goodfellas/Devil’s
Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club, Buck Angel Entertainment
Hazel Does Hollywood, Grooby Productions
The House of She-Males 13, Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel
My Girlfriend’s Cock 5, Red Light District
Rogue Adventures 33, Joey Silvera/Evil Angel
Shemale Brides, Hustler Video
Spunk, Third World Media
Teen Ladyboys, Third World Media
Transsexual Babysitters 10, Devil’s Film
Tranny & Susannah, Fringe Dweller Productions
Tranny Banged My Wife,
Tranny Surprise 8, Reality Kings/Pulse
Transex Domination, Grooby Productions
Transsexual Cheerleaders, Devil’s Film

Best Transsexual Series

America’s Next Top Tranny, Goodfellas/Devil’s
Buddy Wood’s…, Grooby Productions
Fucking She-Males, Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel
The House of She-Males, Nacho Vidal/Evil Angel
Little Asian Transsexuals, Third World Media
My Girlfriend’s Cock, Red Light District
Rogue Adventures, Joey Silvera/Evil Angel
She-Male Gangbangers, White Ghetto Films
She-Male Samba Mania, Third World Media
She-Male Strokers, Mancini/Exquisite
Sluts Packin’ Nuts, Platinum X/Pulse
Tranny Surprise, Reality Kings/Pulse
Transsexual Babysitters, Devil’s Film
Transsexual Prostitutes, Devil’s Film
Wendy’s Wild Shemales, Wendy Williams/Avalon

hazel does hollywood house of shemales 13 rogue adventures 33
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america's next top tranny ts babysitters 10


Shemale Pornstar is Here and Ready to Rock Out with Their Cocks Out!


Just in time for the holidays, Grooby Productions and Third World Media presents SHEMALE PORNSTAR. Just like the name implies, Shemale Pornstar features some of the biggest models in the industry at the moment: Kelly Shore, TS Foxxy, Jessica Host, Natalia Coxxx, and Jezebel, all in superstar hardcore scenes that does their names proud!

Shemale Pornstar is now on sale at Shemale Video Direct, so order now and get it before Christmas! What better way to say ho, ho, ho than with some hot shemale pornstars doing some ho-ho-horny things on camera!

The scene begins with Kelly Shore against the backdrop of Sin City’s casino lights. While PK Vegas conducts his interview, Kelly is approached by a fan. They make small talk, but it’s clear that Kelly has some different plans for them. She grabs the bulge in his jeans and you know she means business. On the way up to the hotel room, they can’t keep their hands off of each other. My favorite part of the scene is actually the elevator ride! I mean, come on, who hasn’t fantasized about hot elevator sex with a star like Kelly Shore? Her fan is more than happy to shove her cock in his mouth and work her over on the ride up. He takes his time slurping her down, letting her thrust into his mouth. They are unfortunately cut short when the door opens, but the hot action continues when they finally reach her room.

“Do you like my view?” Kelly asks, opening the blinds.

Her fan is only focused on her tight ass. “Oh yeah.”

They make out on the couch and by now Kelly’s cock is full exposed and standing straight up. It twitches any time his lips get near it and he loves suck on her. They move on over to the couch for more room and she returns the favor by giving his a simultaneous blowjob and handjob, getting him ready for a hot and heavy 69 cock-sucking session!

Then when you think her fan is about to pound some sweet tranny ass, Kelly Shore takes control and plunges her big stiff rod up his ass! She really pounds into him, spreading his legs so wide you think he might split in two! When she fucks him from behind, you think she’s going to cum right inside of him! She holds off, though, teasing him and making him beg for more. It’s more than he can handle and he cums all over himself while she’s still fucking him, moaning so loud that I’m sure the neighbors heard! She finishes the scene off with a steamy cumshot right on his chest. Now that’s better than getting an autograph!

Next up we have Natalia Coxxx and Danny on a quiet outdoor picnic. A little bit of wine and some bananas really can put someone in the mood. Just the way that Natalia wraps her lips around it will make you instantly go hard. They don’t make it through the meal because Danny can’t wait, he lifts up Natalia’s shirt (no panties!) and takes her throbbing cock in her mouth.

When Natalia Coxx’s dick gets hard, you know exactly where she got her name from. She stands up to thrust into his mouth and he has a hard time fitting that incredible length down his throat. When she sucks on his dick to return the favor, she has no problem fitting it all down.  She slurps on that bad boy, teasing his cockhead with her mouth.

Now Natalia, who has been a powerful dominatrix on Transexdomination, loves to be in control. She turns Danny over on his stomach and pounds into him like a jackhammer from behind, hitting her she-balls against his ass. Natalia looks so hot while she’s fucking him, her rock-hard abs just glow in the sunlight and her swollen tits bounce around as she fucks him. Danny begs for more as fucks him without any sign of letting up! The grand finale has them both jerking off on each other, with Danny shooting his load all over her hot body.

TS Foxxy is a fiery latina shemale who’s all about having fun. She’s enjoying herself in the hot tub (where all naught things occur), but she really wants some company. Luckily there’s a guy nearby to join her! The hop in together and she lets him run his hands along her curvy body, paying particular attention to that sizeable bulge in her bikini bottoms. Danny doesn’t waste any time sliding off Foxxy’s top and running his fingers over her hard nipples.

He slides off her bottom and takes a handful of her bountiful ass, spreading her cheeks wide open. Not enough credit is given to Foxxy’s ass, really it is an amazing thing to look at. He pushes her entire cock in his mouth and she can’t stop herself from moaning. You can literally see that cock of hers grow with each thrust into his mouth. He then lays her on her back at the corner of the hot tub and slowly pushes his cock inside of her. He tugs her cock at the same time, never letting up.

She then rides his cock, bouncing wildly up and down on it while jerking herself off. She warns him that she’s about to cum and spills her milk into the warm hot tub water.

Next up is Jezebel in a slutty camo-wear getting her cock sucked outside. A tiny camoflauge skirt and no panties is definitely the way to go with her. They take turns sucking cock, but realize it would be much more pleasurable if they did it at the same time! So instead of 69-ing lying down, he picks her up upside down letting her suck him off!

When Danny is ready to fuck, Jezebel (like the temptress that she is) slaps her ass to tease him. When he finally injects his cock into her tight ass, he has to go slow because her she-pussy is just too tight! He mounts her up against the tree and fucks her while she’s holding on to a branch so he can push deeper. If you love outdoor sex, this scene is sure to get you all worked up. Nothing is hotter than fucking outside in the middle of the day! Especially when there’s a squirt worthy cumshot in the end!

Finally, we have covergirl Jessica Host to drool over. Her partner wastes no time sucking her cock when he sees it and frankly I don’t blame her! Jessica loves dirty talk and tells her guy exactly what she wants him to do to her! She even forces his head down on her cock when she wants him to suck faster! While she rubs her nipples, he’s slurping down on her balls and licking her tight she-hole.

Jessica (who’s also known to be quite the dominatrix from her time on Transexdomination) positions herself above her guy’s head, the perfect angle to fuck him in the mouth. She gets so hard that she can’t wait any longer and has to fuck him. She bends him over on the couch and pile drives into him, sweat and juices spilling out onto the carpet. He’s grunting so loud with each thrust, gladly taking her cock in while she commands him to jerk himself off.

She’s desperate to see him cum all over himself while she fucks him, telling him she wants to see it. He drips cum all over herself with her still  thrusting into him with his legs spread.  She orders him to lie down so she can cum all over his face. He tongues her she-balls as she jerks herself off, going faster and faster until she lets out one big, orgasmic moan.


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Shemale Pornstar DVDShemale Pornstar

The babelicious Jessica Host is leading the pack in our newest release with Third World Media, SHEMALE PORNSTAR.  Featuring only the biggest name stars like Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, Natalia Coxxx, Foxxy, and Jezebel, these girls have been around long enough to show you what an all-star porno cast should look like! These five hardcore scenes are larger than life, dripping with cum, and will have you reaching for the kleenex before you know it.

Stay tuned for my full review of this title soon!

Shemale Pornstar will be released 12/14/09, but if you pre-order your copy now, you can SAVE $5.00 off!


Well-Hung Ebony Trannies in Black Tranny Whackers 12

Black Tranny Whackers 12Black Tranny Whackers 12 - Hot Ebony Shemale Solo Action

The Black Tranny Whackers series is one of my favorites to review! Time and time again, it’s proven to be cum-filled and fun featuring some of the most beautiful ebony trannies in the industry. Black Tranny Whackers 12 is a great addition to the series, with seven well-hung hunnies showing us what they got. Seeing TS Tameka on the cover with her long black cock hanging out was definitely worth what drew me in, but as a whole, this cast of girls does the series proud. TS Tameka, Honey, Tyra Hunter, Ms. Goodbar, Denise Williams, Miss 1, and Cassidy Daniels prove that bigger is better and way more appetizing on a sexy ebony shemale.

TS Honey is tall and slender, packing a big 9 1/2 inch cock bulging out of her skimpy bikini bottom. As soon as she pulls out that cock of hers, it begins to grow with each stroke. With a little lube, TS Honey’s sweet cock is growing longer and fatter by the minute. Her she-meat stands straight up as she rubs her fingers around it and when she turns around flash the camera her cute ass, you still get a perfect view of that dick of hers. My favorite part is when TS Honey stands up in front of the mirror to jerk herself off. She spits onto her dick and she gives herself the side eye with each stroke. Seeing two of her is extremely hot! Especially when she touches the tip of her cock on the mirror. She cums all over it, squirting her white honey milk all over her fingers, and then licks it all up.

TS Ms. Goodbar is next and she’s a hot piece of chocolate candy! She’s looking stacked in her fetish-y clothes, her tank top has criss-cross stitching in the front that you’lll want to rip off of her before her scene is over. While she discusses her latest mangetrois, she slides her hand down her panties and feels around her sleeping cock. Soon the beast is awake and demands Ms. Goodbar’s attention. She then turns over to shake that fine bubble ass of hers, jiggling it on the couch without really moving her body. Her ass just moves on its own, big and full. When she finally strips off her panties, she lets that monster cock of hers hang down. This cock is HUGE! Seriously hanging down from her like a third leg. When she begins pinching her nipples, that’s when her cock really comes to life, sticking straight out like a thick arrow.I’m guessing Ms. Goodbar got her name from that thich piece of dark chocolate between her legs with its white creamy center. She spreads out on the couch, jerking herself off in tight, quick motions. When she cums, she sprays her milk all over her chest. Her cock still huge, but now sleepy from all the attention.

TS Tameka is the cover girl on this DVD and it’s not hard to see why they chose her. Tameka is extremely sexy, winking at the camera as she reclines back on the couch to reveal her noticeable bulge. When she pulls on her tit to lick her own nipples, you can see her tongue ring bouncing around happily. She stands up, grinding up against the wall, pushing her cock against it in a thrusting motion. You won’t be able to take her eyes off of her as she walks across the room in her gold swimsuit, her huge cock hanging out of the bottom. She does a dance for the camera, letting her cock swing around wildly. She really takes advantage of the entire room, taking her time as she touches herself. You can tell she’s in no rush and is all about feeling good.  When she jerks herself off, she gyrates her legs, as if fucking someone’s hot ass. This is the scene to watch–the cumshot in it is magnificent!

TS Denise Williams is dressed as the slutty nurse you’d want to tend to your wounds. The New Orleans native loves rough sex and her skin is just glowing in the afternoon sun. If you like outdoor solo scenes, this is the one for you. She gets completely naked outside, spreading her tight she-hole for the world to see. As she rubs her slowly growing cock, she licks her plump lips. And then at one point, she’s able to make her cock move up and down without using her hands. What I love about TS Denise is that she never stops stroking herself off. This girl obviously needs a lot of stimulation to keep that long cock of hers hard and when she tugs on her cock, you’ll feel like you’re helping her do it with her.

TS Miss 1 has a name you’ll remember. This spicy tranny is Black-American/Cuban, showing off her hot legs during her interview. She loves being dominant and using her thick 9-inch cock. When she pulls down her top, she shows off her tits, her nipples getting hard just by her touching herself through her blouse. Man, when she shakes her ass, you can feel the room move. Miss 1’s ass is amazing, jiggling like soft jelly when she slaps it. You might think at first that Miss 1 is exaggerating about the size of her cock because it looks a little on the smaller side in the beginning, well, she proves that she’s definitely a grower! Her dick gross like three times its original size as she strokes herself off.

TS Cassidy Daniels is a sassy girl! She comes strutting out on camera, in her tight corset and short shorts, giving the camera a peek at her black panties. One of the things that stand out about Cassidy? Her eyes. She has really light eyes and they will hypnotize you while she dances for the camera. When she finally takes off her skirt and you can enjoy that bubble ass of hers in all its glory, it’s orgasmic.

TS Tyra Hunter has the last scene in this DVD, wearing a pink nightie and ready to play. She has some great breasts, with delicious looking nipples that you’ll want to slide in your mouth. Tyra likes to take her time with the camera, slowly sliding off her panties and bra, and touching her cock gently. When she gets her momentum, she pulls on her cock and swinging it around like a meat-rope. As she rubs her nipple, you can see her dick growing quickly in size, with Tyra moaning quietly to herself. The finale is cum-tastic, like the entire Black Tranny Whackers series itself.

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Have Wet Dreams After Watching Shemale Bedtime Stories

Buddy Wood's Shemale Bedtime StoriesBuddy Wood's Shemale Bedtime Stories (back)

Buddy Wood’s Shemale Bedtime Stories is our latest addition to our Grooby arsenal of DVDs and let me tell you, after watching this DVD, there will be something you’ll want to do rather than going to bed!

It’s quiet in the evening and poor ol’ Hazel Tucker can’t seem to get to sleep. She does what any other horny girl her age would do…masturbate! She’s unfortunately interrupted by Astrid Shay who tells her it’s time to put her toys away and go to bed. Hazel is not sleepy and Astrid offers to tell her some bed time stories to help her go to sleep, fortunately, these are stories that will actually keep us up late at night!

Astrid decides that the best bed time stories involves boys, so she tells her about her recent encounter with a guy named Christian. When Christian sees Astrid, his dick immediately hardens. There’s nothing Astrid loves more than a big cock, so she gladly takes him in her mouth and even lets him slap his dick on her tongue. Christian is eager to return the favor and wraps his lips around Astrid’s smooth cock. He pushes Astrid on her back and spreads her legs wide to plunge his cock inside her tight she-pussy. He pounds her so hard that she needs to use her hand to steady herself with each thrust. Their fuck session is intense, staring deeply at each other while he fucks her. When he’s just about to burst, he pulls out and she sucks him dry! Talk about starting the stories off with a bang! She drinks that cum up like it were milk.

Hazel is STILL not ready for bed (not surprising), so Astrid tells her another story, this time about Doll and Christian. If you’ve seen Doll before, she just oozes with sensuality. Leaning back in her favorite recliner and touching herself, Christian jumps him to help her out, and starts sucking on her dark nipples. Thankfully Christian has discovered Doll’s nipples are her hot spot and she gladly sits up to suck on his meat popsicle. The best part, however, is when Christian sucks Doll off, pushing his mouth all the way down on her  veiny cock. She pushes his head down while he sucks her, making sure he lubes her up good. He fucks her in a variety of positions, fucking her harder than the position before.

When Holly Sweet has the case of the “can’t sleep”, she likes to find a hot boy to help her out. It doesn’t take long for Holly to spot her latest conquest and as soon as they get inside his place, he’s all over. He immediately reaches for those massive breasts of hers (which I think I’d do too!), massaging them gently. This guy LOVES suck Holly’s cock, taking it all in slowly and savoring the taste. When she pushes down his underwear to suck his cock, I swear he looks like he’s about to explode! His cock immediately shoots right up when her mouth approaches his cock head.  He then plows into her bootylicious ass, lifting up her legs so he can thrust into her as deep as possible. He then pulls out and she straddles him, yanking on her own cock as she rides his dick. He can’t take it anymore, watching her tits bounce in front of his face, so he pulls out and lets her suck his cock, then lets him cum all over those massive tits of hers!

Next up is an adventure with Buddy Wood, Jessica Host, and TS Jesse. Jessica Host is rolling around in bed for Buddy in a pink nightie. Her cock and tits are hanging out while her and Buddy talk, and she leans over to suck his cock gonzo style. “You know what would be fun?” Jessica says, “if we got somewhere else here too!” She must have planned this because here comes TS Jesse ready to play!  There’s so much going on in this scene, I don’t know where to look! TS Jesse is sucking Jessica like crazy, letting the pre-cum drip from her mouth while Jessica is slapping Buddy’s cock on her pouty lips. Jessica and TS Jesse decide to tease Buddy by posing on the bed, showing off their hot asses. He can’t take it anymore and fucks Jessica Host doggie style with TS Jesse looking on. Don’t think she’ll be getting left out, though, because then Buddy fucks Jesse on her back, letting her tits bounce around as she moans. Jessica tells her to fuck Jesse hard and he does, then pulls out to cum all over her ass, followed by Jesse cumming all over herself!

When we return to Hazel’s bedroom, she’s still awake and ready for more. Astrid doesn’t have any more stories to share, so she suggests they make one of their own. This is the scene I’ve been waiting for! Astrid knows how to please Hazel when she begins stroking her cock and sucking her nipples. I don’t want to give away too much about this scene, but I will say that both girls are fucking hot and definitely love being with each other. If porno films were to play out like a sex scene, this scene would definitely be the orgasmic finale, dripping with cum.

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Wanna Know How the Wet Was One? PK Vegas’s Cowboys and Shemale Indians Has the Answers!

PK Vegas's Cowboys and Shemale IndiansPK Vegas's Cowboys and Shemale Indians (back)

I’ve been waiting to review this title ever since I saw this hot cover art seen above. Remember when you were a kid and played cowboys and indians with your friends? Well, our latest feature, PK Vegas’s Cowboys and Shemale Indians: How the Wet was Won is like your favorite kid’s game now made for adults. Instead of shooting your indian counterparts with a suction cup bullet shooting gun, these cowboys use their cocks as their firearms. Cowboys and Shemale Indians has five hardcore scenes starring Carmen Moore, Jamie Page, Jessica Foxx, Lauren, and Niko. I don’t usually comment on the DVD menu, but I love this. I feel like I’m about to watch the dirtiest version of Bonanza ever!

Like any good western, our hero rides in on horse to find his damsel–shemale–in distress. He takes shemale Indian Carmen back to his ranch and tends to her while she sleeps. This, of course, includes stripping her down naked (after all, what she’s wearing must be so uncomfortable in her weakened state!), takes off his clothes, and quietly hops into bed and under the covers next to her. When the beautiful girl awakes, she wonders where is she and explains to the cowboy she’s been kicked out of her tribe because she was a little “different”. Like the gentle cowboy he is, he tells her he wants her to stay. She is so grateful that she pulls down the comforter and begins sucking on his throbbing cock. To show that he really accepts her and all her “differences”, he then spreads her legs and devours her she-cock in his mouth. When he finally props up her legs to thrust into her, she lets out a loud moan, as if overwhelmed with pleasure. He rams his cock into her over and over again as her hard she-dick bounces around with every push. She then finishes him off but sucking him wildly, begging for him to cum all over her face. Talk about showing her some cowboy hospitality!

Shemale Indian Jamie Page is going to give cowboy Paul her sausage and beans! What a lucky guy. This scene starts with them getting all hot near the town’s edge, carrying her and pushing her up against the wall to make out with her. He doesn’t waste any time reaching his hand up her clothes to feel for the goods. From the very beginning, you can’t get enough of her and when he rips off her clothes you almost feel like you’re doing it too. Jamie then deep throats Paul’s wet cock and then lets him suck on her sausage, cooing the words, “good cowboy” between moans. Jamie likes it rough and Paul slams his cock into her sweet ass. She begs him to pull her hair and he furiously fucks her during a quiet afternoon on the prairie. My favorite part of this scene is probably when she straddles herself on his dick and rides him. She gyrates that sweet as of hers–I’m surprised he didn’t cum already! The scene ends with a glorious jerkoff from Paul as Jamie sucks on his “beans”. When he finally cums into her tiny mouth, I swear his moan echoes in the valley.

Two horny shemale Indians, Jessica Foxxx and Jamie Page, find exactly what they’re looking for when they see two lonesome cowboys out in the distance. They’re determined to bring these men back to their tee-pee for some fun. Jessica takes her guy to a secluded area, leaving Jamie and her cowboy behind, and strips him down. He greedily sucks on her cock before fucking her from behind while standing up. They fuck like horny rabbits in the deserts and finally, Jessica jacks herself off and cums all over him. When he finally cums, she licks up his man-milk and rubs the sweet juice all over her lips.

Back at the ranch, beautiful shemale Indian Lauren is tending to her injured cowboy. He’s resting up in bed and she just wants to make sure he’s healing properly. She just can’t help herself and takes a peek under the blanket at his cock. This cowboy must be feeling better because his cock is completely upright as soon as she puts her lips around it. She sits on top of his dick and thrusts into her, letting her supple tits bounce in his face. Lauren must be doing a good job nursing the broken cowboy back to help because he flips her on her back and fucks her with an energy you never knew he had in him! Finally, she jerks herself off (while he’s still inside of her), dripping her cum all over both of them.

Shemale Indian Niko is outside of her tee-pee stirring some food on the fire when cowboy Danny shows up with a gun. “Looks like I got myself an Injun!” he proclaims, startling Niko. He wants something, he tells her, but Niko says she has nothing to give because her husband left her some time ago. She decides to offer her hot self up instead (which I think is better than offering some of that unknown gruel in that pot she was stirring). She slowly undresses while rubbing the bulge in his pants, offering her tits for him to suck on. She asks the cowboy, “would you like some Indian pussy?” Well, we all know the answer to this one! She bends over to let him thrust his cock into her and fucks her so deep you’ll think she’s about to do a war cry! He fucks her outside of her tee-pee, letting her ride him until she cums all over his chest.To return the favor, like the polite shemale Indian that she is, she puts his huge cock into her tiny mouth and lets him spray his milk all over her face.

And that, my friends, is how the wet was won! YEEHAW!

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Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars Delivers a Strong Cast of Power Fuckers

Wendy's Wild Shemales Ebony All-StarsWendy's Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars

Wendy Williams’ newest release, Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars, is something wet dreams are made of. With an all-star cast featuring, Nomi X, Lady Godiva, Sexxxy Jade, Aniyah Red, Alyssia, and Special, this feature is sure to keep you entertained.

Nomi X kicks off the DVD and she looks better than ever. While they catch up together on the couch, she begins stroking the bulge in his pants. To be honest, I wish more girls played catch up that way! I love the way this scene unfolds–you can immediately tell it’s going to be a raunchy interracial scene. It starts off very slow and sensual at first–Nomi really takes her time when she’s sucking her guy’s cock. He’s anxious to be in his mouth and thrusts into her, but she holds his cock while doing this, letting him know that ultimately she is the one in control!  She works his cock over so well that I’m surprised he didn’t cum immediately. He pounds into her magnificent bubble ass and fucks her from behind on the couch. They then switch positions and she rides him, swinging her black dick around like it was a celebration.

Jade’s pink, white, and purple dildo looks like a lollipop. It doesn’t help that she’s sucking on it while showing off that fantastic ass of hers. Wearing a pink see-through tanktop and booty shorts, she almost reminds you of the slutty girl you wanted to fuck in high school. Like  the girl you fantasized about in high school, Jade is pretty raunchy. She fingers her she-pussy with her legs spread wide and teases the camera. She’s just getting ready for the REAL fun. When she shoves that “lollipop” inside of her, she gives an wet moan that will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat and perhaps reach for a tissue. The rest of her scene is one great orgasmic blur.

Lady Godiva looks delicious all wrapped up in that tight red dress of hers. She’s been waiting for her guy all day and when he arrives, she doesn’t want to waste any time. Her guy is a little shy, but she gets him out of his shell (and pants). When she pulls out his dick and begins sucking down on it, you can see her own cock twitching to attention. He eagerly reciprocates and before you know it, he’s thrusting into her while she straddles her her legs in the air. She seems hungry for more of his dick and when he fucks her, her ass bounces like a delicious treat you just want to take a bite out of. In a surprise change on screen, she then pushes her dick into him and holds his waist to make sure she can ram into him deeper. They take turns fucking each other, then she sucks on his nipple until he cums all over himself.

The next scene finds a guy shoving a dildo into his ass while on the couch. You hear a door slam and he immediately pulls it out of him and tries to hide it. Here enters in Aniyah Red and boy, doe she looks fiery mad. “What are you doing?” she scolds him, “you’re not supposed to start without me.” As punishment, she wants him to kiss her and suck her toes. She’s unsatisfied with what he’s doing and then lifts up her long, sheer black dress to reveal a dark chocolate cock waiting to be touched. She reclines on the couch with strict instructions to suck her dick. He gladly obliges and she plays with those perky hormonal tits of hers. When her dick is rock hard in his mouth, she knows she’s ready for the ultimate punishment (or reward, depending on how you look at it). She fucks him like a wet rag doll, his body moving to her every thrust.

Alyssia’s man is a little on the dorky side, but he certainly knows how to work over those big tits of hers with her tongue. She’s moaning softly while he sucks on them, getting louder and louder when he fingers her other nipple. When he sucks on her dick, you can tell he’s hungry for it. Alyssia’s thick cock is hard to handle, but he pushes his mouth down on it as far as he can. She returns the favor and tugs on his fat cock, but it doesn’t take much to get him going. He’s been drooling over her from the very beginning and when he finally gets to fuck her, you can tell he’s enjoying every minute of it.

It’s not hard to see why this ebony tranny is named Special. On the street, she really stands out. She’s tall and slender, with a banging ass and big tits. Of course a guy sees her on the street and knows he must have her right then! She is amused by his forwardness, so she wants to see what he can do. He proves to know how to work a shemale like Special. As soon as he sucks on those plump titties of hers, her massive cock is already rising in anticipation of what’s to follow. What enfolds is a sensual and yet raunchy hardcore scene with him fucking her big ass until she squirts at the end. I can see why they saved this scene for last–it feels the longest and like it’s packed with the most action. By the time Special cums, you feel satisfied and tired like you’ve just cum with her (which you might’ve done anyway).

Overall, a really well-rounded DVD! A good mix of interracial hardcore, black hardcore and solo action.  Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars shows just what kind of power these chocolate beauties have!

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NEW Transex Domination DVD! Tranny Mistresses Whipping Their Slaves into Shape!

Transex Domination DVDTransex Domination

PK Vegas’ and Grooby Productions newest DVD, Transex Domination, is keeping things orgasmic in the dungeon just like it did with its previous release, Inter-racial Shemale Domination. This time, however, we have shemale superstars Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, Gia Darling, Olivia Love, and TS Jesse ready to whip their slaves into submission. You can now purchase your copy at Shemale Video Direct!

Sweetheart Kelly Shore begins the DVD, shedding her good girl image for something  With riding crop in hand, she immediately takes control of her slave. She allows him to lick her boots and spanks him forcefully every time she feels like he’s enjoying it too much.  Still bound, she makes the slave remove her skirt and panties only using his mouth and then shoves his pathetic face down on her cock. Miss Kelly really wants to tease her slave, so she makes him lie down on his back and tells him she’s going to undress, but doesn’t allow him to watch. He can’t even move his arms to jerk himself off! This is driving him crazy with horniness and he takes a sneak peek of her throbbing she-cock as she strips down. As punishment (or reward) for looking, she sits down on his face and thrusts her cock in his mouth.

She threatens, “I’m going to fuck you and it’s going to hurt. And if you whimper, scream, or even cry, I’m going to beat the living shit out of you.”

Terrified and aroused, her slave bends over and spreads his ass for her. She can’t bear the sight of him and fucks him face down (like a slave should be fucked), slamming mercilessly into his tight ass. She really pounds into him, slapping his unprotected ass and moaning in pleasure. She then flips him over and fucks him because she wants to see the look on his face as he cries out in ecstasy, screaming “oh, god!”  When she’s about to cum, she moves over above his face and sprays her milk all over him. Her slave is overwhelmed with desire and all her can say is, “thank you, Miss Kelly.”

Next up, we have Mistress Gia Darling (who definitely has had practice as a Mistress from her other release Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass). Wearing a skin tight black dress (with no  bra), her slave is eager to obey her every command. When she demands he smell her ass, he has to push his face into her round ass and smell how good it is. After slipping off her dress, she makes her submissive slave lie down on the work bench and work her cock over. She tells her slave she has a surprise for him, he thinks it’s her cock, but it’s really a glass dildo! She’s not ready to let him experience her magnificent cock. While squeezing his cock, she pushes the dildo inside of him, and you can see this great shot of her uncut dick next to his ass. Her cock head is pointing at his ass and we all know that when Mistress Gia’s cock wants something, she’ll get it. When she fucks him, the dungeon echoes with the sound of her balls slapping his eager ass.

She then bends him over to fuck him with her pink paddle in hand, ready to discipline him at any moment he complains. Her slave is in pain from her fat cock, but he doesn’t dare show it while she rams into him. He is rewarded soon after, though, when she lets him suck her she-cock and thrust into his face. She then makes him straddle on his back on the work bench and jerks him off while fucking him. As he cums, she uses his jizz to stroke himself more and then herself cums all over him.

Mistress Jesse likes to humiliate her slave and wants to make it absolutely clear to him that she’s in charge. She makes his pose on his hands and knees like a dog, so he knows that she’s the master. She makes him kneel and just when he thinks she’s going to jerk him off, she squeezes his cock so tight that he cries out in pain. Even when she begins tonguing his mouth, she tricks him and bites his tongue before spitting right in his mouth! She wraps her whip around his neck and chokes him while making out. Mistress Jesse is all about pleasure and pain; she makes that abundantly clear when she digs her boot heels into her slave’s thighs and cock.

When he’s finally allowed to suck Mistress Jesse’s cock, you can tell he’s overwhelmed by how big it’s grown in her mouth. Maybe he’s even a little scared that she’ll tear his little ass into two! She makes him lie face down and pushes her huge cock into his ass. He’s crying out in pain, but she can’t stop fucking him. She then makes lie on his back with his legs up in the air so she can cum all over his face. Her cum rains down on him and she makes him lick it up.

Mistress Jessica Host looks like t-girl you don’t want to fuck with. When her scene begins, she’s lying on the bed with her legs spread, stroking that big cock of hers. Her tits look really hot in her next-to-nothing leather s&m gear. They look so swollen and nipples look hard, like she knows what’s about to happen. She calls out for her slave and when he runs

She rams her cock in his mouth and her slave gags when she puts it in deep. To prepare him for his fucking, she bends him over and spanks his ass until it’s red with welts. She wants his asshole nice and ready when she fucks him, so she shoves an anal plug in him and punishes him when he tries to get up. He’s scared when she’s ready to fuck him and can’t bring his face to look at her. When she first thrusts into him, she moans, “you’re nice and ready for my cock.” She pummels into his ass and  then finally allows him to rub his cock head along her she-pussy.

Finally, we have veteran shemale pornstar Olivia Love. With her forceful “COME HERE”, her slave comes running to her side ready to kiss her feet. Mistress Olivia is not afraid to use her riding crop on her slave and generously whacks his ass as he strokes himself. I love seeing Olivia Love in control, showing off that cute little ass of hers in her see-through skirt.

She pushes his head down on her cock and makes him suck her off without even giving him a chance to breathe.She fucks him on the table with his legs in the air and he can’t contain his gasps and moans. He wants more of her, but she wants to tease him a little and make him crazy. When he cums all over himself, she pulls out of him and sends him away.

This also summarizes the vibe of this DVD. In this dungeon, it’s all about our mistresses’ pleasure and not their slaves.

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Grooby Productions Hazel Does Hollywood Raises the Bar

Hazel Does Hollywood from Grooby ProductionsHazel Does Hollywood from Grooby Productions

Hazel Does Hollywood is going to raise the bar for transsexual porn. This DVD unfolds like an actual movie, keeping you glued to the screen. You just won’t know if you should be reaching for the popcorn or the kleenex. Starring up and rising tranny pornstar, Hazel Tucker, she shows us that the t-girl next door definitely has a few tricks up her sleeve!

During the first minutes of the DVD, you see Hazel Tucker with suitcase in hand exploring the city. If you watch the people in the background, there are a lot of guys checking her out, and I mean, who can blame them?

While showing off that hot ass of hers while strolling down the street, a cute guy catches her eye. Hazel tells the guy about how she wants to be an adult actress. She doesn’t know if the guy knows she’s a tranny, but she says it doesn’t matter. They go back to his apartment and you know what’s going to happen next!

“You must have to practice a lot for that,” he answers, right before kissing her.

Through his jeans, she squeezes his cock to let him know exactly what she wants. Hazel quickly proves she can make it on the big screen when wrapping her thin lips around his rock hard cock.

I want to live in that same apartment complex as Hazel Tucker because as soon as she leaves, there’s a blonde bombshell bending over checking her mailbox. She turns and immediately my dick rises to attention because it’s TS Jesse.

This scene was so fucking hot for many reasons. Mainly because seasoned and sexually charged TS Jesse is showing innocent girl next door Hazel Tucker how hot t-girl on t-girl action can be! TS Jesse shows Hazel just how delicious tranny cock tastes. She can hardly contain her moans as she pushes her head down on Jesse’s fat, curved cock.There’s so much slurping and moaning in this scene that inside of your ears will feel wet!

TS Jesse knows exactly what she wants when she begins tonguing Hazel’s tight she-hole. She is just lapping it up with her tongue and you’ll want to have yourself a drink! TS Jesse is gentle when she plunges her cock into Hazel’s she-pussy. She thrusts slowly at first as Hazel tugs on her own cock, but before long Jesse is pounding that tight ass!

Here comes Hazel Tucker, sensually licking an oversize lollipop and looking like the naughtiest good girl you’ve ever seen! Christian’s jaw drops when she walks out and he can’t keep her hands off of her. Like any other sane guy, before long, he’s got her bent over on the couch and ramming her like a jack hammer! Christian’s cock is pretty fat and you can tell Hazel is overwhelmed with pleasure. While he’s fucking her, Hazel is in a constant state of looking like she’s about to cum and it’s hot.

Finally, Hazel gets her chance to show off for Grooby extraordinaire Buddy Wood. He watches her shower and pull on her dick.  Hazel thinks of the perfect way to prove her skills and pulls down Buddy’s pants to give his cock head a litttle love bite! When she pulls his dick out completely, she’s pushing her mouth completely down on it. Hazel spreads her cheeks wide to invite Buddy Wood to fuck her. While on her stomach, he pounds her while the camera focuses on her ass jiggling with each thrust.

But Buddy is not the only guy Hazel wants to prove her skills to. In a variety of scenes, Hazel fucks (and is fucked)!  I really enjoyed Hazel fucking the horny little GG in bed. Hazel shows her how good a tranny cock can feel in her wet pussy. Then the tables turn and the girl puts on a strap on and fucks Hazel!

Some of the coolest scenes in this DVD are the short candid clips between the actual hardcore scenes. I feel like you really get to follow Hazel’s story and adventures. There is so much good stuff, it’s hard to know how to even summarize it. Hazel Does Hollywood seriously raises the bar for quality transsexual erotica. For those who like feeling connected to the hot trannies on screen, Hazel Does Hollywood has you rooting for Hazel Tucker to find her way into the adult entertainment industry with lots of cumtastic orgasms!

Hazel Tucker definitvely proves that a shemale pornstar is born.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the trailer here.