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America’s Next Top Tranny Season 4 Now – Cum and Get It!

I just got my copy of  America’s Next Top Tranny Season 4, the much talked about DVD from Goodfellas Productions. The series won the AVN 2009 Transsexual Release of the Year and Season 4 is a worthy addition to the DVD line. This DVD features Astrid Shay, Olivia Love, Ariel Everitts, and TS Jesse each with their own scene so you can pick for yourself who will be America’s Next Top Tranny.

The DVD begins with up and cummer, Astrid Shay (who was first featured on Shemale Yum). This Wisconsin native proves she could be America’s Next Top Tranny by the way she takes control of her photoshoot. She tells the cameraman exactly what she wants to do to him and before she can say anything else, he’s naked and thrusting his cock into her mouth. As first seen on Shemale Yum, Astrid is now showing the world how she can fuck with the best of ’em.

The cameraman wants more (we all do!) and he flips Astrid over and fucks her rough from behind. You get to see this great view of her rock hard cock. Astrid may not have the biggest cock, but it’s nice and fat and when she tugs on it you’re always hoping a little bit of cum will drip out. He really pounds her and then flips her off so she can ride him. With every push, you can see Astrid’s cock twitching in pleasure.

Next up is shemale superstar Olivia Love. She looks fantastic in her patriotic bikini. The sunlight accentuates the curves of her body and she has this unmistakable look on her face that says, “fuck me.” When she reaches over to grab the camerman’s crotch, he knows exactly what’s on Olivia’s mind. When he fucks her, she’s pulling on her own cock and moaning in ecstasy. Olivia Love is a t-girl who just gets better with age. Voyeur-ish fans of hers will love seeing her getting fucked outside by the pool in the middle of the day.

Ariel Everitts looks like what you might expect from a shemale in Sin City–glamarous and too hot to touch. This doesn’t, however, mean that she won’t touch you when she’s in the middle of a photoshoot. Sin City girls are used to getting exactly what they want and this is no exception. After Ariel makes it abundantly clear that the cameraguy is cute, she quickly undoes his pants and pulls out his eager cock. But for a t-girl like Ariel, just one guy isn’t enough for her!  Her GG make-up artist jumps right in and they all take turns sucking each other off. Ariel knows what she wants and wastes no time fucking the camera guy while he plunges into the other girl. I’m watching this DVD with earphones on and my ears are filled with moaning and grunting.

This is a threesome with endless jizz worthy combinations. Pay close attention to this scene for some great squirting action. I won’t say who, but don’t fast forward through it! It definitely gets wet in these last moments.

I’ve seen TS Jesse in a bunch of DVDs and I’m never disappointed with her work.  Her scene is the only solo scene in the DVD and for TS Jesse fans, you probably won’t miss seeing another person there with her. She changes into various costumes while tugging on her she-meat, appealing to lots of different fetishes. My favorite is seeing her in this skimpy black skirt and panty. Her cock is so hard that you can see its outline through her panties and when she moves the fabric away, you get a perfect view of her huge, curved cock.

It seems a little anti-climatic to me to have the solo scene last and the hardcore scenes first, but this is not to say that TS Jesse doesn’t give a good performance. She’s very vocal as she strokes herself and makes you feel like you’re right there in the room with her. I just wish I saw her first in this DVD, like a good jerkoff warm-up for the other stuff. But depending on your preference, you can just watch the scenes in whichever order you want.

Overall, America’s Next Top Tranny Season 4 stays true to the series, bringing you some of the hottest new (and returning) talent in the industry!


America's Next Top TrannyAmerica's Next Top Tranny


See Devil’s Film Transsexual Prostitutes and Other Series for CHEAP!

Since this blog is dedicated to giving honest reviews about your favorite shemale DVDs, I also keep my eyes open for deals where you can watch your favorite DVDs at a discount. My latest find is the Tranny Pros site, the official site for the Transsexual Prostitutes DVDs series from Devil’s Film.

I know the Tranny Pros site looks a little dated, but it’s the features you get inside the site that make it worth it. When you sign up for Tranny Pros, you’ll also get access to download (or stream) all of their releases. You’ll get full access to their longest running DVD series, Transsexual Prostitutes, and also popular series like Transsexual Babysitters series (featuring Khloe Hart, Kimber James, Gia Darling, Olivia Love, Nelly, etc.) and Transsexual Cheerleaders (with Yasmin Lee, Kelly Shore and Celeste).

At only $29.95, this is by far the best bargain of the year. Any ONE of these DVDs would cost you more than this! You get all of them (100+ shemale DVD’s) as well as all the other non-shemale DVD’s for only $29.99–it’s hard to argue with that.

Honestly, I think they’re under-selling themselves and I’d expect the price to go up soon, so I recommend you take a look now.

Only this link will get you a clean join page with no pre-checked cross-sales … and a $29.95 membership (or less!).


Devil's Film Transsexual Babysitters


Shemale Yum just made 1100 Exclusive Models! Let’s Celebrate!!

Since some of you readers might not have had a chance to experience the new Shemale Yum, I thought we should all celebrate together! Our premier site, Shemale Yum, now features  1100 EXCLUSIVE Models!

Yes folks, 1100 models. 1100 exclusive transsexuals who’ve worked for us, with the majority of them being first shown by Shemale Yum. This is actually a monumental occasion for a site that now features only N. American and European transgenders and really shows how much the TS model population as grown over the last few years.

The site has recently been re-designed and is loaded with new features!

New features include:
– New easy navigation to all your favorite areas.

– Fully searchable database by model name, ethnic, body shape, clothes, etc.

– “My Portfolio”, save your favourite sets and access them any time you want.

– Rating & comment system, so you can see the most popular models or sets and leave comments for the models.

Here’s our special offer for June 2009 Only!
In celebration of Shemale Yum making 1100 exclusive models, we’re dropping the membership price for one month from $34.99 to $19.99. All you have to do is sign up through the link below and you can celebrate 1100 exclusive models with us!


Horny Blonde Tranny BrookeNative American Tranny Jamie Page

All American Tranny Hazel TuckerLine Trap Cosplay Tranny Harley Quinn

Brunette Shemale of the Month ChrissyHorny Tranny Celeste Showing Her Supple Tits

Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 Will Blow Your Mind (and Load)

Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 is the latest installment in the series from Evil Angel. There’s a good mix of Brazilian and American girls, all equally horny to perform for the camera. Adryana Suzuki, Raissa Prado, Aline Santos, Shakirah, Kimber James, Alessandra Ribeiro, and TS Jesse are featured in seven scenes that blow your mind (and probably your wad).

Brazilian tranny Adryana Suzuki runs a tight business at the car garage. Looks like Raissa can’t afford all the repairs done to her car, so she calls a friend to ask for help. While in the middle of her call, Adryana figures out how Raisaa can pay her debt and runs her fingers along her thigh underneath her skirt. Adryana’s assistant can’t keep his eyes off of Raissa and starts grabbing her ass from behind. Adryana takes control of the situation, naturally, and shoves her throbbing she-cock into her assistant’s mouth. Raissa takes the cue and wraps her lips around his cock while playing with her own pussy. You can hear the moaning echoing through out the garage as the threesome gropes and sucks on each other. Adryana is set on invading Raissa first and mounts her from behind to fuck her. Her assistant shoves his dick into both of their mouths and they take turns sucking it while Adryana fucks her. Raissa cries out as if Adryana is splitting her with each trhust.

Aline Santos has a playboy bunny trampstamp and a great ass to match. While on the street, she flaunts her curvy body and lets her guy take a grab at her soft tits. He asks if she has milk and she replies, “of course!” Aline is a horny little tranny who needs TWO men to satisfy her sexually. She leads the guys to the bathhouse where she wastes no  time sucking their dicks. For those with an ass fetish, this is the scene for you. When Aline said she had milk, she wasn’t exaggerating. After one guy squirts some juice into her, she shoots it out of her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so it can squirt out.

Alessandra Ribero comes sauntering in the room and immediately you can feel your cock going stiff. She is bulging out her tight latex panties and you can see her nipples getting hard as she’s being fondled. This Brazilian t-babe has a really great, fat, un-cut cock and that sticks straight up as she gets horny. She pulls at her small tits and bring her guy’s cock into her mouth, sucking furiously as if to drink all of his cum. When she can’t handle it anymore, she lies on her back and spreads her legs wide for him. He thrusts into her bareback while she tugs on her own meat. He squirts some milk into her she-pussy, anxious to see her shoot it out. An explosion of milk comes out of her as she exhales in pleasure and he licks it off her ass.

TS Jesse is dressed up like the hot, gothic nurse you’ve always fantasized about. She pulls down her fishnets so Christian can deep throat her cock. He gags a little, but is satisfied that he can shove his mouth down so hard on it. She asks him if he wants to suck her cock more, but it’s not even a question! He jumps right back on and slurps greedily on her thick meat. They’re soon interrupted, though, by Christian’s girlfriend (Cayden Moore) waiting at the door. Cayden is clearly surprised (but a little fascinated) and after taking Christian on the side, she returns riding him on his back ready to watch him suck nurse TS Jesse’s dick. Cayden is turned on seeing her boyfriend suck Jesse’s rod and she wants to know what it tastes like too. Like a good nurse, Jesse her assistance and fucks Christian while he eats Cayden’s ass. Jesse is pulling into Christian so he can feel how deep she can go while Cayden fingers herself next to her lover. In this threesome, nobody gets left out and everyone is satisfied!

Superstar Kimber James gives her playful smirk when her scene begins. Holding her favorite stuffed animal, Kimber looks shy, but a part of her is aching to be touched. With her swollen breasts exposed, her guy rubs her nipples gently. She pulls out his cock from his white BVDs and he thrusts into her as if fucking her she-pussy. Pulling up her schoolgirl skirt and exposing her “You are my Sunshine” panties, he pulls them down to suck Kimber’s massive cock. “Suck it,” she moans as he slurps her up. Kimber’s cock is so big that he’s able to rub its head around her own hole.

Kimber is the sweet girl next door, but she fucks like a pro. She tugs on her dick while riding his, gyrating her cock around as if fucking an imaginary pussy. He pounds into her, and with each thrust her cock jiggles around: swollen and wanting to be used. She finishes him off and lets him cum in her mouth. It drips out, but as always, she’s smiling.

Shakirah is a slender asian shemale with small, natural perky tits. From New Jersey, this barely legal tranny exudes sexual energy. Christian cannot contain his excitement when he sees her. As soon as she unzips his jeans, you can see his cock head wanting to come out. She has a hard time taking his cock into her tiny mouth. She struggles a little, but wraps her lips around his dick as best as she can. He lubes her up, only to fuck her himself. He lifts her leg up high so he can fuck her deep as she begs him to fuck her. She rides him and you can hear the sound of him plunging his dick into her. They’re both really horny for each other and can’t get enough. He lifts her off of his cock to show the camera her gaping asshole, pulsating from just being fucked and cum together soon after. The perfect ending to this raunchy adventure!

Rogue Adventures 33
is a great title filled with orgasmic moans, shemale milk explosions, and hot hardcore action. There is such sexual chemistry in each scene that you feel as if you’re a fly on a wall, watching two people who love fucking each other.

Rogue Adventures 33Rogue Adventures 33

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InterracialTGirlSex – The Delicious Taste of Chocolate and Milk!

InterracialTGirlSex is a *NEW* exclusive site to feature hot interracial shemale sex! Whether you like seeing white shemales getting fucked by big black guys or seeing ebony trannies giving it to their white partners up the ass, or any combination in between, this is the site for you!

Just check out the front page and look at all the steamy content featured on the site. Their latest update has a picture of superstar Olivia Love getting fucked by a big chocolate cock! The guy’s dick is so huge that you can see his cock meat bulging out of her tight she-pussy while he’s inside of her.

For only $35.00, you’ll get access to highly quality photos  and downloadable videos in weekly updates featuring some of the industry’s most hottest models like Natassia Dreams, Olivia Love, Mandy Mitchell, Jasmine Jewels, Jazzmen Dane, Sammi Valentine, and many more to cum! There’s  also an interactive forum and the best part is that with your membership, you’ll get FREE access to one of the largest sites on the net, Shemale-Club!


Interracial TGirl Sex Hardcore Fucking
Cowboy TS Kimber James Rides a Black CockBlack Tranny Natassia Dreams Fucking Her White Prisoner

Black Tranny Whackers 10 – Horny Ebony T-Girls

Black Tranny Whackers 10 is the latest from the popular series and like its predecessors, it delivers horny black t-girls tugging on their dark chocolate she-meat! Featuring Jamie, Black Barbie, Honey, Jordan, Ashley, Babe Wonder and Kim, each scene has plenty of cum-worthy material for any ebony t-girl lover.

Florida tranny Jamie says she has two favorite foods: sushi and you. She’s open minded when it comes to sex and as she remembers her past sexual encounters, she can’t help but touch herself. She’s tugging on her long cock with great determination, wanting to cum so bad.

Honey offers to give a lapdance for the camera. Like a good tranny, she tugs on her rock hard cock and pinches her nipples, while still leaving much to be desired. As she jiggles her booty, you see how much cushion you could have if you fucked this tranny. With each stroke, her cock gets fatter and fatter. She spreads out on the couch and begins jerking off faster, more determined. If she looks familiar to you, it’s because she’s Black TGirls current Girl of the Month!

Jordan’s outfit says sugar and spice. This slutty Minnie Mouse is. But Minnie Mouse has a special part hanging out below her skirt. Ebony tranny Jordan is huge! Even when she’s only semi-hard, her cock flops around like an arm. Can you imagine how big it is when she’s fully erect and extremely horny?

Kim is a busty ebony tranny who loves talking dirty. This voluptuous shemale pulls on her soft tits and bring them up to her mouth so she can suck on them. Kim has an amazing bubble butt and she just makes everyone crazy when she shakes that ass. Even the camera man is mesmerized by that dark chocolate treat!

Ashley is a 21 year old cutie, petite frame with a nice meaty ass. She has some nice dark nipples and smaller hormone tits, but she definitely knows how to swing them around! Ashley is extremely passable and has luscious, full lips. When Ashley says she wishes you were there, you get the feeling she really means it as she gyrates on the couch.

Despite the diva sounding name, Babe Wonder is actually fairly down to earth. As she gives her interview, you have a perfect view of her cute little panties and the outline of her sweet she-cock. Babe Wonder is tall and slender. She has a toned body and legs for days! If you like feeling you could split your partner in two, Babe Wonder might be the tranny for you.

TS Black Barbie is a 22 year old ebony cutie who loves shoving off her new tits on camera. She definitely has a sexual appetite of a 22 year old, confessing about a steamy orgy with her and four other guys. She talks about the various guys she brings home from her nights out clubbing and how they ravage her body.

As Black Barbie begins to touch herself, she tells you how nasty you are. She obviously likes it though because she shakes her ass wildly, as if begging to be fucked hard. She loves talking dirty to the camera and with each moan you really feel like you’re there in the hotel room jerking off with her.  It’s a jizz inducing ending to another great DVD from the Black Tranny Whackers series.

Black Tranny Whackers 10 (front)Black Tranny Whackers 10

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Shemale Strokers 32 – They Strip, They Stroke, They Splooge!

Their tagline says it all: they strip, they stroke, they splooge! Shemale Strokers 32 proves to be a great addition to Mancini’s Shemale Strokers series. I just finished watching  the DVD and I was pleased to see both Hazel Tucker and Kimber James in the same title.  Shemale Strokers 32 features Hazel Tucker, Kitty, Kimber James, Jasmine Jewels, Veronica Venom, Frances, and Evilyn Frazao. Seven steamy scenes filled with cock stroking and lots of cum! Below is my full review of the DVD:

Like any other t-girl that age, Hazel likes shopping for clothes and kinky sex. This all-american t-girl loves nipple play. Even when she’s telling about her sexual escapades, she’s pulling on her soft nipples, making them hard between her fingers. She soon slips into something “more comfortable” and proceeds to fondle herself through her slutty black lingerie. Although Hazel doesn’t have the largest cock, she certainly knows how to use it and before long she’s tugging on it so quickly, trying to push the cum out!

Kitty just got a new job at a strip club (hence her slutty, stripper-esque outfit), but explains that she’s never given a lapdance before. She’d like some practice, she says, and who’s going to say no to that? She gyrates her sweet ass in front of the camera and massages her swollen balls. You can totally see her 10″ cock coming to life. WIth each pull, her meaty cock grows in length (and even girth, it seems). Kitty knows her cock is mesmerizing and even purposely shoves it into the camera to tease us all. She asks, “do you like it?” But she already knows the answer to this one.

Superstar Kimber James says she has a secret and if we’re good, she might let us in on it. It’s hard to pay attention to what she’s saying, though, because you’re distracted by her cute pink nighty and lacy panties. When she finally slips off her bra to reveal those huge, swollen tits, you can’t help but wonder if her secret is that she’s horny all the time. She lays back in front of the fireplace and begins massaging her tight she-pussy and moaning quietly. With every tug on her cock, it grows larger and larger, and when she finally cums all over herself you feel like you’re unloading on her too.

Although she’s older than the other t-girls in this DVD, Miss Jasmine Jewels certainly doesn’t lack in sex drive. As she tells the story of a recent sexual experience, she starts lactating. She rubs the milk all over her tits and then on the bulge in her panties. She is one kinky tranny, shoving her finger into her tight she-pussy as she jerks herself off.

Veronica Venom is a t-girl with great punky appeal who loves a guy who can perform and can handle her big 8 inch cock! Wearing a black corset and knee-high boots, Veronica begins rubbing her pierced cock for the camera. If you’re wondering what color venom Veronica has, it’s milky white.

Frances’ accent allows her to effortlessly roll the r’s off her tongue and possibly suck your cock in her tiny mouth. I don’t know who she was talking to on the phone, but whoever it was definitely got her horny. She immediately starts pulling on her hot Latina t-cock from under her short skirt. If you want a horny tranny who will moan and call you papi, then Frances might be for you.

Evilyn Frazao is a tranny of few words who lets her gyrating hips do all the work for her. She oozes with sexuality and her plump, glossy lips are so inviting as she jerks herself off. The end of Evilyn’s scene is dripping wet with cum, a true embodiment of what Shemale Strokers represents!

Shemale Strokers 32 (front)Shemale Strokers 32 (back)

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Asian Transsexual Spunk – 100% Ejaculations!

The title “Asian Transsexual Spunk – 100% Ejaculations” alone should give you a big hint as to the contents of this DVD. Featuring seven horny asian trannies, this video is perfect for those who love asians and want something a little edgier than your typical ladyboy flick. All trannies are beautiful and each have a unique punky look. They don’t talk much, but really don’t have to, they let their orgasmic moans do the talking for them.

My only complaint is that occasionally the music is a tad distracting from the girl’s performance. It does add to the punk rock/grungy ambiance of the scene, but sometimes I like to hear every slurp and groan from the girl. The girls are all great performers, eager to rise to the occasion. Like the DVD description writes, “…these ladyboys can earn their right to freedom again in only one way – by coughing up some thick ladyboy spunk, they will use to sign off on our unilateral penis treaty.”

Spunk DVD (front)Spunk DVD (back)

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Big Ass Shemale Road Trip #14

I just got my hands on the newest addition to the Big Ass Shemale Road Trip series, Big Ass Shemale Road Trip #14! Featuring Fernanda Barrows, Thayna, Thays Schiavinato, LaCherry Spice, Jesse Flores, Ruby Navarro, Sabrina, and Kelly Shore, this title is filled with hot sex with your favorite models.

Here’s my breakdown of the scenes:

Kelly Shore is wearing a skimpy bubble wrap bikini top and jeans. She says she likes popping the bubbles, but even without the bubble wrap you want to grab at her tits. Diezel comes knocking on Kelly’s door and tells her he gambled all his money away. At first he’s scared to talk to her, but when she tells him that she’s horny, he quickly reaches to pop some of her bubble wrap (among other things). He then pulls down her tight jeans and begins tugging on her cock while stroking his own. Before long, all you can hear is the sound of him slapping her ass and the slurping of his mouth around his throbbing she-cock.

When you see LaCherry Spice and TS Jesse on screen together, you immediately know you’re in for a lot of trouble. They seems shy at first while sitting close to each other on the couch, but when LaCherry shows off her tattoo, Jesse is quick to kiss her soft skin. Diezel is waiting for the girls nearby. LaCherry is bossy and orders him to dust the walls. He says he’ll do it if he gets a good reward. While watching him, Jesse can’t help herself and begins pulling at his body. Both girls lead him to the couch where he services them with his mouth and hands, making sure they thrust into him. Soon after, La Cherry has Diezel lying on his back and getting fucked like the bitch boy she says he is. Jesse gets in on the action by pushing her cock into his mouth and then they switch places so Jesse can fuck him too. The girls are almost competiting with each other to see who can blow their load the fastest!

Ruby Navarro (from the She-mazing Transsexual Midget), the transsexual midget is known for that arm sized dick of hers. She starts off stroking herself on the bed, her cock already fat in her hand. Genetic girl Sabrina struggles to fit Ruby’s massive dick in her tiny mouth. Finally, Ruby fucks Sabrina with her legs spread pushing her gigantic cock into her.

Brazilian tranny Thayna just can’t seem to get cool in her own house. She has a repairman there and the heat is making her unbelievably horny! The repairman says he’ll be back and not a moment after he leaves, she’s tugging on her cock while sitting with her legs spread on the kitchen counter. Thayna’s friend Fernanda Barrows shows up to help her pass the time until the repairman returns. She flicks her tongue on Thayna’s hard nipples while stroking her own dick and soon after, they’re moaning with each touch. Thayna pushes Fernanda’s head down on her cock and then fucks her on the kitchen counter, just like any good friend would!

Finally, we have blonde Brazilian t-babe Thays Schiavinato. Thays loves to be in control and she has no problem finding a submissive guy who will let her spank him. Using her leather SLUT paddle, she spanks him over and over again.

Shemale Road Trip #14Shemale Road Trip 14 (back)

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Grooby Productions Presents Buddy Wood’s Shemale Superstars!

This is as good as it gets. No it’s better than it gets. This is the first DVD of it’s type. Not only does it feature probably the best line-up ever on one DVD … Vicki Richter, Yasmin Lee, Danielle Foxxx, Olivia Love AND Khloe Hart but it’s more than just the straight forward “scene” movie. Buddy Wood has unprecedented access to the models and he uses this advantage to interview the girls in their everyday life, about their likes, their loves and their desires. See Khloe in her bikini in the beach, see Yasmin our shopping, Vicki grabbing a coffee … it’s the first Transumentary!!! Like shemale porn? Love the models? This is the one you have to get. It will be a traveshamockery if this DVD doesn’t win the AVN Award for 2008. It is that good.

Check out the trailer and then buy it. Support small companies like Grooby and Buddy Wood – in partnership trying to bring quality content to the consumer – buy directly from us.

Buddy Wood's Shemale SuperstarsBuddy Wood's Shemale Superstars (back)

Watch the HQ Trailer!

Watch the Lower Quality Trailer!

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